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  • Apple quietly bought $17B more after record high $24B Q2 stock repurchase [u]

    China is a huge problem. Look at what they are doing to their own air and water. 
    China just past USA as the most polluting country in the world. yes I agree.
    but they have 4 times more population of USA so each Chinese person pollute 4 times less that an American.
    they produce so much goods for USA and other country,  that this pollution should be calculated on the buying/using country total pollution produce and not on China.  

    I have a friend who has been working in China for 12 years as an engineer. They are taking pollution and climate change very seriously and they will soon lead the world in that regard... contrary to countries who denies the existence of a problem and pushing/helping polluting coal, fuel etc. 

    The problem with China is the lack of respect for other country invention and having a government who won't let newspaper, and journalist write negative article about the government...

    Not sure where you get your numbers but the US is #88 on the 2019 pollution index.  It is based on per capita.  China was #13.  
  • Disney+ to hike prices, introduce ad-supported tier in December

    Apple could charge Super Bowl advertising rates if they had an ad supported tier.  Call me crazy but I think they should make it free.

    Billions per year in profit just sitting there IMO.
  • Data shows 62% of Apple TV+ subscribers are on a trial, most don't plan to renew

    I'll be the one to ask the question - do Apple's politics play a role in this?

    I'm not referring to the shows in general but I feel like there are a large amount of users, like me, that are conservative and don't give TV+ a chance because they figure there won't be any shows for them? 

    I think a Band of Brothers(or The Pacific) type show following a certain unit in WW2, a Detective type show like Bosch on Prime, an Indiana Jones type hero show, etc. would bring in me and fellow rednecks like me even though we might not agree with Apple on politics.

    - I will once again reiterate that if things continue to go in the wrong direction for TV+, Apple should make TV+ free and have 2-3 minutes of advertising per show.  People don't have to watch but I think most would and advertising rates could be huge.  A much bigger moneymaker than a subscription service IMO.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q2 2019 earnings report and conference call

    carnegie said:

    $24 billion spent on share buyback.  I've gotta believe that retired around 140 million shares.
    Apple's outstanding share count dropped by about 123 million from the end of the previous quarter. So it bought back at least that many shares.

    Just a measly 2.5% of the company.  The following quarters should buy 2% or more as long as the price stays low.
  • Senators want to make social media liable for spreading health misinformation

    Something tells me that the Democrats(and supporters) will rail against this when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Imagine them having to campaign(on the line at any rate) without being able to call their opponents racist, "literally Hitler", etc..

    Don't worry.   The truth always comes out in the end.
    Not in the end but somewhere deep within is where the media prints all their retractions, of which there are many. The true believers never see those.

    As the old axiom goes - accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.
  • Appaloosa unloads all Apple shares as other hedge funds trim position

    KBuffett said:
    Apple & Tim Cook have burnt huge amount of shareholder cash on share buyback.

    This has had absolutely no positive effect.
    And I hope they spend another 500 Billion on it.