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  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

    Awesome!  Now bring on the Mac Mini refresh!
  • Feds bust $900,000 iPhone repair & return scam in Oregon

    Jiang denies receiving any of these letters or being told that what he was doing was illegal.
    Because anybody with half a brain would assume that taking a phone to an Apple store claiming that it's an Apple phone, when it isn't, and claiming that one bought it from Apple, when one didn't, and asking for a return because now it doesn't work is completely legal and above board. /s
    But he only did it 1,493 times, it's not like he had a pattern of it or something.  I'm sure it was just an honest mistake.  /s
  • Apple calls iPhone X preorders 'off the charts' after rapid sellouts

    If A Hot Dog vendor only has 20 Dodger Dogs at the World Series he is going to sell out quickly. 

    Next we we will hear that supplies are constrained on the HomePod and Black (not Pro) iMac and how quickly they sold out.

    If you don't think the new iMac Pro is a "Pro", I'd hate to see what your requirements for "Pro" hardware are...
  • Apple's eGPU developer's kit is promising, but what gets delivered in the future is anybod...

    JimTheOwl said:

    plus, while I love my iPhone 7+, it's not really helpful to remove the audio jack as I used my iPhone as an instrument in my music. The little adapter sucks and got lost in 2 weeks. They want 48 bucks for a new one. Screw that.

    They're $9, that's for an Apple-branded one: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MMX62AM/A/lightning-to-35-mm-headphone-jack-adapter ;

    I leave the adapter on my one pair of wired headphones that I use at the office, and my wireless Beats are all I use at home.  I understand that functionality was lost, but you're talking about an adapter that was included, and can easily remain attached to your cable if needed.
  • Apple's $399 'iPhone SE 2' pegged for March 2020 release

    If true, I equate this to putting an all electric drive train in a '57 Chevy -- with metal dashboard, am radio with a single, tinny little speaker in the dash, and vent windows instead of air conditioning.  (Just without the nostalgia)

    Put lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig.
    Put an A13 into an iPhone 8 and you still got an iPhone 8.
    I'm not sure what makes the iPhone 8 so obsolete in your eyes, processor + RAM and the proper board to handle the speeds are all you'd need to upgrade just about any style of phone.  The only thing left to upgrade at that point would be the display, and some people don't need an AMOLED.

    Side note, if they started selling new 57 Chevy's with any drivetrain I'd be all for it!  Plus they did have factory AC back in 57, it was just an option though...
  • Pundits believe Apple's Jony Ive no longer involved in iPhone, Mac product design [u]

    sog35 said:
    Good news if true.

    Ive had his day.

    Its pretty obvious by recent designs that Ive is bored, fat, lazy, and not motivated.

    We need new leadership that is exicted, hungry, and willing to take risks.

    Few examples of design that is below the Apple standard:

    1. Same iPhone shell for 3 years. Unacceptable. Even cheap POS China companies come out with yearly shell changes.

    2. Mouse. 

    3. Pencil

    4. Battery case

    5. Smartkey board, non flush design

    6. Camera bump & ugly antenna lines

    These may seem like nitpicking. Small details. But that was what made Apple great. The details.

    You're right, they'd never add a bulky add-on:

    Or something aesthetically unappealing:

    Or the fact that a large number of their products go multiple years without a dramatic design change.  I know, I know, that's not what you're used to with the iPhone.  Does the 7 work? Does it kick ass? Yes and yes.  Does it need to look drastically different because I'm a shallow POS that needs everyone to be jealous of what device I have?  No (at least not for me).

    What you fear or hate would be considered by most to be risks, which is exactly what you want.  Bring on the iToaster and iTV sets of the world, SOG wants to see Apple produce everything in your daily life, if nothing else so that his stock price can go up .20 a share.

  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro will alert users if non-genuine display is installed

    I see it as a positive if you're buying a used phone, I know several people that have bought phones and found out later they had ebay screens on them.  
    forgot usernameDeelronwatto_cobra
  • Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro is built to blaze through pro workflows

    Hopefully Apple updates their website to show configuration (and pricing) options!
    harry wildwatto_cobra
  • New AirPods H1 chip exposed in teardown, still not able to be repaired

    lkrupp said:
    We really need to stop giving one company who want to make money off repairs so much of a voice in this dialog. It's a totally one-sided discussion. Just because they can't make money off repairing something does not make it a bad product. They've managed to manipulate the tech media into giving them a disproportionate voice on this topic.
    Just to clarify, iFixit doesn’t repair anything. They are not a repair shop and they don't sell parts. iFixit sells tool kits for repairing things. They have a vested financial interest in seeing RtR instituted because they want to be the major supplier of tools to third party shops. Always follow the money.
    They absolutely sell parts, that's where I buy my screen and battery parts, mainly because of their warranty.

    That being said, I disagree with donsullivan.  I don't think they're bashing Apple or Airpods, simply stating the obvious (They're not repairable).  Anyone can buy these products and disassemble them, if you don't like them standing on their soapbox, get your own soapbox and make a difference.
  • Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

    wdowell said:
    Apple could have done things differently - shown variety of streaming services (including its own) within the pop up on the Music App, so it was on an equal footing. Instead it only advertises Apple Music. Apple has an inbuilt advantage and actively exploiting it in a way which undermines competition.

    I expect, frankly, this cannot continue in the way it is now. I expect the EUropean COmmission to investigate properly and intervene like it did with IE on Windows - it'll take years and may end up a nul and void point, but i think Spotify has a point. 
    Why would Apple advertise competition on it's own app? That doesn't make any sense. Apple has every right to advertise its own services on their own apps. There is nothing unfair about that. What is there to investigate? What you are saying is basically like saying Ford should be advertising GM vehicles on Ford's own website. 
    I just read your GM/Ford comment after making my own GM/Ford comment, that's funny.