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  • Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR coming in September, says Apple [u]

    Despite the negative comments about the >$6,999 price of the Mac Pro (~ 1 Tflop), 32 GB of memory and 256 GB of SSD storage, it is worth it if you are doing numerically intensive calculations. If you are old enough to have USED a wicked fast Macintosh Iifx (< 20 Mflops) circa 1988 (I am), the price in the dollars of the day was $7,800 for a 16 MHz processor with up to, wait for it, 4 MB of RAM, and with up to an 80 MB hard drive. I know this is not a fair apples to apples comparison (pun intended) but it is my post. We have an inflation corrected price REDUCTION of ~ 3X with a computing IMPROVEMENT of > 50,000. So was the old Macintosh IIfx worth the very high price then? - yes for the critical scientific computing and analysis of the day. Is the 2019 Mac Pro worth the price today? - yes for CPU intensive calculations. The 16-core Mac Pro is on my Christmas list. (Before you think I am crazy, My MacBook Pro with max memory and the top processor is $4k. Is the increase in performance going to a Mac Pro worth $3K - yes for me.)
  • Apple set to deliver AI assistant for transcribing, summarizing meetings and lectures

    This is the biggest announcement of a truly useful feature that Apple has made in recent memory. Being able to transcribe meetings and record them is incredibly useful in the real world. Summaries maybe not so. Most ChatGPT output is garbage for technical discussions. Just a transcription is huge capability.
  • Editorial: Reporting about the MacBook Pro is failing at a faster rate than the butterfly ...

    I really appreciate the article on the keyboard issues. I learned my lesson and simply have no food around the laptop. 

    My only complaint is that the force required to type a letter is too small. Those of us who learned to type on (hold the laughter) on IBM Selectrics learned to rest our fingers on the keyboard. This is a hard habit to break and I often end up with extra letters due to the weight of my fingers on the keys. (K's in particular).

    That said, the present MacBook Pro keyboards are just fine and the problems are over stated. Just keep crap off the keyboard and clean the keyboard every few weeks. No problem.