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  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    And it's still $399, now for half the storage as before. Talk about DOA release.
    Who is this for exactly? The person who wants the cheapest way to get Apple support? Oh wait no that's the larger and better and cheaper 9.7" iPad at $329.

    So its for the person who wants the smallest and least usable Apple Pencil support? What a joke.

    Because no one is going to buy this as just an iPad, because its a terrible buy in that regard.

    A8 -> A12
    Apple Pencil Support

    Still $399.99 as the Mini 4.

    This is FAR from a DOA release and I'm not seeing the downside.

    Any product can have it's nits picked if one so desires.

    This is the form factor my daughter and wife prefer. For anyone who places size/weight as their top priority, this is a solid upgrade with optional pencil support if so desired. My wife is using a 4, so she's good to go, but this will be replacing my daughter's 2 this fall and she will be extremely happy.
  • Sony rolling out Apple TV app on 2020, 2019, and select 2018 televisions

    I have a 2019 Z9F that will qualify and a Sony 4k player that will probably end up with it too, but I use my AppleTV 4k as the hub for all my streaming. I like everything about it. I guess if you don't have an AppleTV, this is yet another great step for Apple in deploying their AppleTV experience across more devices.

    At this point, Apple, Sony, whoever....assume you're being mined on some level by all whether for internal analytics, flat out profit or whatever.
  • Video: Apple eGPU developer kit tested with a 15-inch Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro

    Here's hoping Apple embracing expandable, configurable GPUs spills over to their next Mac Pro and it throws back to the Mac Pro tower and it's myriad of expandable options. I am still trucking along with a Mac Pro 2009 flashed and upgraded to a 3.46ghz CPU (original CPU was 2.66), RX 560 GPU (Original GT 120), and SM951 SSD (original slow as molasses mechanical). I've maxed this as much as it can go (except for the GPU).

    I could also see adding one of these to my 2017 Macbook Pro and make it my main driver stationary and on the go depending on what Apple has to offer with their Mac Pro redesign.

  • Apple to use mini LED backlighting in late 2020 iPad Pro

    Two iPad Pro's, in one year? I don't see that happening. 

    Tell that to Macbook Pro 15 users....

  • Apple cuts prices on high-end MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini SSD upgrades

    Based on my workflow, frugality and security concerns with T2 controller and soldered on storage, I use external media for most of my offloading via NVMe USB-C drives and keep the core OS and targeted apps internal. 256GB is usually enough with 512GB being the max needed. If somehow my Macbook Pro 15 2018 goes to the big Steve Jobs Theatre in the sky, I can quickly just attach another Mac and keep working.

    Those times I need to take a project(s) with me, I can either move it to local internal storage or just take the external drive with me.

    This isn't anything new with me. I've been this way ever since my SE/30 died on me many moons ago along with its internal SCSI drive and I went into panic mode. Since then, the bulk of project/mission critical files has been external depending on the setup (IE, Cheese Grater I installed OS on one internal drive and projects, files on another).

    It just makes financial sense now on top of everything else. :wink: 

  • Microsoft debuts 'Your Phone' app promising to mirror iPhone on Windows PCs

    If I can use my W10 PC and have integration with my iPhone on a similar level as when I use my Mac Pro and iPhone, that's a good thing. It just comes down to at what cost and having to filth up my iPhone with Edge.
  • Telegram plans premium service after topping 700M active users

    I'm sure half of those accounts are for bombarding youtube with "you won" spam.... /s

  • IDC: Samsung beat Apple in smartphone race during lucrative holiday quarter

    While Apple may not be in the units race, they still lost compared to last year. Just take the small loss and move on. They still dominate profits and ASP by a large margin.

    And even while Huawei may compete in the razor thin margins sector of the market, their notable growth is pretty impressive.