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  • Apple sued over 2016 MacBook Pro 'stage lighting' issue

    I'm glad that Mahan did the research.  This was a $3.00 part.  If this was a car, it'd be covered under a recall action.  However, and because of the way Apple is setup, it takes every single customer interaction (or problem) as an opportunity to bait-and-switch a customer into buying a brand new product.  Makes you wonder how many customers decided (and opt'ed) to buying a brand new computer, when explained that the $2,000 Macbook repair would also require 3 or 4 weeks for repair requiring to be shipped-out, and that Apple doesn't offer a loaner program.

    Bravo, Mahan.  I hope he wins.

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    I'd love to see Apple make some sustained initiatives in software. We tend to think hardware when looking at Apple's health, but I'd argue that software is a better indicator of what's going on.

    I somewhat disagree.  Apple adopted a Buy-Once-Free-Upgrades-For-Life model for most software.  Also, in iPad/iPhone land, the software covers multiple devices.   It's very difficult to sell software and make a living as a developer.  Plus, Apple requires an annual fee to distribute in the AppStore. 

    What I expect and fully anticipate is-
    1. Apple to share a new version of XCode,
    2. a fireside chat about SWIFT adoption (slide deck titled "where did Craig go wrong?"),
    3. and perhaps Apple will announce a "hard" date that 32bit iOS applications will be removed from the AppStore;
    4. a formal announcement that "abandoned" apps or apps where the developer hasn't paid to renew their Developer License will be more-or-less released in public domain. Developers who have paid dues and Developer LIcense Fees could "adopt" and code future releases without previous developer permission.

  • Citing concerns in China, activist investor Carl Icahn no longer owns shares of Apple

    Good news. His $3 Billion or whatever can go pump and dump elsewhere. Now we can get back to focusing on growth markets and new ventures.

    Well, here's the thing- whenever a professional BULL trader and billionare (whom has published books on investing) pulls ALL of their investment, it's worth re-evaluating company's risk and challenges; there's apparently less upside to owning the stock; which is why Carl got out.  

    It's not good news. 
    roger wade
  • MacBook Pro integrated GPU misidentified by system profiler, confusing some early buyers

    djkfisher said:
    6toecat said:
    Read about my serious issues with the 2016 MBP http://www.girafxmedia.com/?p=710
    Once I began backup proceedings using Synchronize Pro X Plus and Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.10, I realized this was a major issue. I began having spontaneous reboots, hanging and crashes when using Carbon Copy Cloner. Sounds like the problem is with your software not Apple

    It seems Apple has really cut back on testing.   For example, I have a Macbook which has 3 USB ports.   Two of them don't work.  However, when

    When I scheduled time at the "Genius" Bar.  At first, they told me the logic board was bad.  $900 repair replacement.  They proceeded to tell told me that the only way to fix the issue would be to reload the OS first.  HOWEVER,  I ran Parallels within MacOS to show the "Genius" that Windows sees all three USB ports just fine (Plugged in my iPhone to the "disabled" USB ports which MacOS fails to recognize).  So everything works just fine on Windows 10; connecting my iPhone to the two USB ports .  Then they said it was strange but then advised me that I wouldn't be able to restore from a TimeCapsule backup; so new drivers are installed.  They went to the accessory wall, and grabbed a $149 external drive that I needed to buy to create a separate backup of my home directory.   I'd have to re-install software, which would easily take a day's time to reload.

    Seems Apple doesn't give its technicians many troubleshooting options... even for the hardware (and software) it manufactures and I bought.   I left Apple and later bought a $10 USB hub dongle from WalMart.   Probably the last Mac I'll buy.
  • Apple buybacks to resume on Friday, gobbling up stock priced near the lowest of 2016

    red oak said:
    The stock peaked at 705 back in 2012, the equivalent of $100.71 today.   The value of the company (aka market cap), taking into account the buybacks, is $100 billion less today than it was in 2012  

    The senior mgmt team has done an awful job managing the narrative of this company.  Awful  

    The management team has put 13 years of extraordinary profits on the books and has obliterated almost every metric used to measure a company. If Wall Street can't figure out how to value the stock, that's not the fault of the management team. The $100 billion was not lost by Apple. It was lost by shareholders who invested in a massive company expecting unrealistic sustained growth when they should have been putting the focus on value. The company told everyone 3 months ago almost to the decimal place what yesterday's numbers would be. If you can't accept the company's guidance (which has yet to be adversely wrong) and randomly price the stock based on whatever some guy at BS Fund Company says then you deserve all the losses you suffer.

    Apple often provides guidance which is "interesting".   So that said, I am looking for the link to the published earnings report.  If history is my guide, Apple's earnings report is likely again "un-audited".  So to me, I'm not very surprised when they're almost always able to hit their guidance when its figures are of the un-audited type.  

    So there's two things.  First, I need to see the published SEC report and see which firm audited the numbers this quarter.  Secondly, if they actually are audited, it seems that Apple customers really, really, really predictable, and Apple's finance team is more accurate than the weatherman.   To get to that point, it'd almost be like customers are programmed... Or Lemmings...  That may lead into questions about disposable products, planned obsolescence.
  • Citing concerns in China, activist investor Carl Icahn no longer owns shares of Apple

    hmlongco said:
    sog35 said:
    Cook needs to be held accountable for this
    Every time the stock swings you jump on this board and bash Cook. Not the product line. Not the R&D. Not the board. Not the street.

    Not Federighi or Ive or Cur or Schiller.

    Just Cook.

    You claim it's due to his "incompetence" as a CEO, but even today Apple's stock is worth over twice what it was worth when Tim took over as CEO, and has still outperformed the S&P 500 over the same period by about 800%.

    I'm sorry, but it looks to me as if your issue with Cook is more "personal" in nature...

    I just don't see the same level of creativity since Tim started in that role.  

    One main complaint I have-- for a CEO that now wears glasses, I find it very strange and odd that every new Macbook released happens to be very tiny.  

    I was talking with an Apple Genius about buying a new Mac last week, I can't afford to give up a 17" screen...  I still have to use my 17" Macbook due to my vision.   At the end of the conversation (where I didn't buy anything at the Apple Store)  the Apple Genius (who also wears glasses) and I agreed that Tim Cooks' glasses are designer, non-prescription;  "window dressing".

    Since that conversation with the Apple Genius, I've even considered that he doesn't need to say anything on stage to lie to people. 

  • Apple says San Bernardino iPhone case is 'unprecedented,' cannot be decided in a vacuum

    Once you leave a store with a candy bar you didn't pay for in your pocket, the act itself has a very specific legal definition called "Theft".

    People don't get to have a conversation with the security officer or share thoughts and ideas with the police about an idealistic utopia or how the laws should be written if they weren't hungry.

    Still, it's honorable that so many additional technology companies came to Apple's defense, and agree with Apple... However, companies always want to reduce costs. If companies could find a way to lay off Legal Compliance departments, they'd love to; it paves the way for a large bonus check for the executive team.