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  • Infiray P2 Pro thermal camera review: See infrared with your iPhone

    " the P2 Pro can collect light between 8 and 14 nanometers."
    The correct units are 8 to 14 micrometers (micron) longwave infrared

    some reviews indicate REQUIRES enabling GPS tracking to operate

    fully Chinese company - your choice
  • How to turn your Mac startup chime back on

    No need to up (down?) grade to Catalina. works on my Mojave 10.14.6. 
    Nice nostalgia, but nowadays I rarely reboot. Just close the cover to lock screen. Unlock with Watch - usually.
    Sounds different from the classic Mac. Not as deep and clear. HiFi? ;-)

    as for no keyboard light at login. You probably have filevault enabled. The only solution I've found is turnoff filevault. I'd also love a fix
    that allows both. 

    I have a strong password and weak fingers. I need to see what I'm typing in a dark room. Especially since I usually unlock with watch or touchID.

  • Downgrading from iPhone 13 Pro Max to the iPhone SE 3 is a mixed bag

    I have both a 14 Pro (upgraded from a 13 pro) and the SE. They are for two completely different users.
    The 14/13 pro is for power users who want the full beans. The SE is for "ordinary" people who just want
    a good quality smartphone.

    The 14 is my main phone. Mine is a pro, not the pro max. Still I find it a bit large, heavy, and uncomfortable with the square
    edges. It has all the pluses mentioned. 

    I use the SE for casual uses and low demand games. The big thing I like- the SE  is the best form design Apple ever did.
    I loved the form in my 7 and I love it in the SE.
    It's relatively thin, has rounded edges and fits comfortably in my hand. It's also very light - a plus IMO. And I disagree
    with the quality. It has an excellent quality feel. It's just not a tank.
    Every time I use the SE, I think, "This is a nice little phone." It also is the last iPhone with a physical Home button. 

    Home button and Touch ID vs FaceID swish and flick, IMHO

    This is certainly the most heated debate in iPhones. Here is my opinion. There are pluses and minuses to both.

    Home button/ touch ID

    I like the positive feel and the simplicity of performing functions. Closing apps, going home, app switching
    I've found touch ID fairly reliable. I know some people, like my wife, have problems because touch doesn't like their skin type,
    but  I've had no problems.
    I use touch ID all the time on my iPad and Mac. It's the main reason I upgraded my MacBook. Also, as noted, you don't have to 
    look at the iPhone to open.

    Face ID

    I've found FaceID to be faster and more reliable, usually.  It needs an unobstructed view of your face. No heavy sunglasses or
    face mask (no, I don't use that option). More annoying, it seems to want you sitting upright in good light. Forget about unlocking
    half asleep in bed. And sometimes it just demands a passcode, even if you just unlocked 1/2 hour ago.

    And I find the "swish and flick" interface annoying. Flick up quickly from the bottom center to go home. Slide up slowly from
    the bottom center to open app switcher, slide up, hold ,and swipe to switch apps. Sheesh! Too complicated and finicky,
    especially if you don't have the steadiest hands. Same for the multiple tiny nuances from the top.

    Bottom Line
    I'm  mixed. Home button/ touch ID is direct, the i/f is simpler. Face ID is faster and more convenient when you can just look at your iPhone.
    It's worse when you can't.  And the i/f is finicky. Overall, for me, Face ID gets the nod for convenience when it works.

    The SE is a very nice, quality iPhone for someone who doesn't need bells and whistles. It's not a phone for power users. Get a pro or pro max. If you're a power user, you won't be happy with an SE as your only iPhone. IMHO
  • Missing message issues plague Mail users in macOS Catalina

    Thanks for the warning. 
    This may be related. At the same time I updated to iOS 13, I lost all my smart mailboxes on Mojave.
  • Future Apple devices may have invisible buttons and sliders

    hide and seek software is bad enough!
    hide and seek hardware?! Please.
    stop this crap.
  • Tim Cook slowly waves checkered flag at US Grand Prix

    He did not look happy in the pre-race show. I thought it was him, but Sky sports reporters walked right by him and ignored him.
    So I wasn't sure until the checkered flag wave.

    Probably in Austin trying to figure out US production options. Austin was probably trying smooze him by the honor of flag man.
    An honor he clearly not enjoying.
  • Preorders for iPhone 14, AirPods Pro 2 have started

    smooth order. store came up about 4 after
    prepped pre-order yesterday, worked quickly with a few clicks to confirm
    apple pay on Mac
    unlocked 14 pro gold 1TB delivers 9/16  :#
    A good experience