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  • Tim Cook refutes negative IDC Apple Watch report, says early holiday sales set new record

    Apple should address these BS-news more aggressively, so TC is right to comment on these numbers.
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  • JP Morgan adds to Apple supply chain worries, cuts early 2016 iPhone estimates

    sog35 said:
    This is the 10th Analyist that says supply chain is proof that iPhone sales will be weak.

    Why isn't Cook doing anything?

    Every day some other Anaysist comes out with the same BULLSHIT and the stock sheds another $6,000,000,000-$18,000,000,000. 
    The stock has lost $140,000,000,000 in a few months because of these rumors.

    Yet Cook does NOTHING!
    Maybe he is not doing "nothing", maybe he is happy buying shares like crazy so that the buyback-programm will be finished 1 year earlier or will be enlarged a third time. As a long-term investor I remain confident in Apples strategy and look forward to a larger dividend next year. Why going crazy about a sinking stock when there is no intend so sell it?
  • Apple continues expansion in second-tier Chinese cities with new Shenyang store

    I think that is Apples way of slowing its own speed of growth. 2-3 new Apple Store in wealthier cities would probably mean exceptional growth in one year which will result in bigger earnings the WallStreet isn't interested in....which we can see actually. On the contrary: WallStreet torments AAPL for exceptional quarters by arguing the next year will have a tougher comparison. So, by opening Stores in "smaller" cities Apple ensures further growth but without these giant leaps we saw with the introduction of the iPhone 6/6 Plus.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook sells another $3.6M in company stock

    Timing is kind of interesting.. Why sell just a few days before earnings...? What are the rules of the game.... I dont know about you... but to me its not very comfortable that he is selling now... Rather than after earni gs report... Any thoughts? Thanx
    Should be a good sign for the earnings. If earnings are Bad, everyone shouts "insidertrading", but if he sells a week before good earnings , no one has reasons to complain.