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  • Five of the best apps for getting started with creating art on the iPad

    Paper WAS a great app, since version 3.0 it is a hodgepodge of use cases with no clarity... sad as it used to be the best app for seamless creativity on the iPad. Now it is just a quirky UI note-taking app that has switched focus on the iPhone and lost its zen appeal and ease of use.
  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    Indeed, the first true innovation from Microsoft in decades... they lost the touch and phone war and decided to concentrate on convergence to innovate on the computer space... and they seemed to have done a major step ahead with the surface line. The fact that they cannot produce it in volume may signify the one showed is still a pretty early prototype and they decided to announce it just to steal the show from Apple... limited quantities may literally mean a few thousands and a good chunk to be demonstrated in store, but a good idea. It rests to be seen how rigid it is when you lean on it, how low is the angle, it still seems not that much lower than 30° which is still a bit on an incline... allowing it to go almost flat would have widened the style of use majorly... especially if you cannot change the height of your desk and you clearly cannot have you on your lap... Apple has to step on the accelerator of convergence, I know they have it in the lab, but they are literally waiting to get those A-series chips able to power the whole line and then boom, iPad, iMac and iBook, pardon MacBook will all be touch and pen enabled. Microsoft knows this was coming since the iOS was released... they are trying to occupy the space first... but they need to do that fast... really fast... but always good to see competition on content creation tools, rather than consumption. Liked that Nadella speech at the end.