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  • UK government plans 'Digital Services Tax' applied against Apple and other tech giants

    All that will happen is Apple products will cost 2+% more rounded up to the next marketable price. Who pays this tax? People who buy Apple products, not Apple. The UK is wanting more money from its citizens. They know Apple will raise prices to cover this cost.
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  • Samsung aims to beat Apple with edge-to-edge display, no home button on Galaxy S8

    sog35 said:
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    sog35 said:
    Man if Samsung comes out with a bezeless phone next year and Apple only gives us the 7s they will get killed

    Why is Apple so slow with design?  Why can't Apple lead in design anymore?

    The bezeless iPhone should have been the 7.

    When was the last time Apple was actually cutting edge?

    iPhone and iPad were cutting edge. And the Watch to a lesser extent.
    Because Apple is the only one who has to produce 1 million units A DAY! Therefore you need to have a design that some manufacturer is capable to make in that kind of volumes, quality and price per unit.
    Thats ridiculous.

    So that means the iPhone needs to  have the same basic design for FOUR FRIKEN YEARS IN A ROW!
    The same basic design? It has been the same basic design since 2007. The innovations occur in increments some in the electronics, and some to refine the design. There is no need to continually fix something that isn't broken. And there is a HUGE amount of innovation in the most important part, the eco system the phone lives in. It is greatly under appreciated. 

    T-Mobile is just recently announced that, for a fee, you can answer your phone on your phone, tablet or desktop. Apple has provided this for free in a carrier agnostic manner for years. Apple FaceTime provides a unified across devices means for voice call or video calls on data only. For years ... 

    Apple innovations are more for making seamless integration of their devices, and consistency. For example I can still play the first songs I bought through iTunes and played on my 10GB iPod on my latest desktop, notebook, even a windows system, as well as my phone, tablet and apple tv. Apple even "upgraded" my music through "match" to DRM free much higher fidelity versions ... 

    Apple's version of innovation makes much more sense to me, smaller stepwise design changes that are well thought out, delivery of exemplar devices in terms of fit and finish as well as materials and process, and better, smoother integration into a uniform ecosystem. This makes much more sense that making a bezel that is .5mm thinner and a phone that has a different radius corner or is flatter, curvier, or shaped in a circle. Apple spends years in human factors research for a feature and suppliers often leak the details, then others like Samsung rush an imperfect version out and the Android fanboys jump on it as the height of innovation. When often it is based on Apple patents and leaked industrial design information. The folks at Samsung also stick a finger into the wind to map their designs. Apple without a headphone jack, leaked months before the iPhone 7 release. The public was aghast (well the pundits were) and Samsung wasn't rushing to implement that feature. The iPhone 7 comes out, and it isn't a big deal, the public adapts quickly and it helps the phone be water-resistant. And incidentally saves Apple money, allows for more electronics/battery space. Samsung measures the response and guess what, no headphone jack on their next model. Samsung is a follower not a innovation leader. 
  • Truck carrying secured Apple payload crashes in San Jose, killing one

    Doesn't have to be self-driving but should include safety lane keeping and braking systems. And the ability to detect near-future problems like pedestrians and stupid drivers. And detect sleeping drivers or inattentive drivers and best of all worlds pull to the side of the road.
  • Massachusetts judge granted warrant to unlock suspects iPhone with Touch ID

    Use your nose. Click 5 times quickly on the power button. Use longer complex passcodes. Apple gives the tools for privacy if you use them.