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  • Google's Pichai denies any political bias in search results during lengthy Congressional t...

    In response to an earlier comment, I did an image search on DuckDuckGo and here are the top results:



  • Apple-backed coalition opposes Burr-Feinstein encryption bill in open letter

    Apple would be wise to massively increase their lobbying efforts and hire a wide swath of powerful people to influence the garbage that comes out of Washington representatives. Feinstein is NOT representing her constituents, she's representing the interests of herself and Washingtonians!
    Let's not pretend that Burr is any more innocent here.
  • Google's Pichai denies any political bias in search results during lengthy Congressional t...

    maestro64 said:
    The example they use in the hearing search idiot and get Trump picture, so end users are all tagging Trumps photos with the word idiot so when google craws around the web, it finds a bunch of website with Trumps picture tagged with idiot. So now Trumps picture is now associated with Idiot. 

    If I search "idiot" on Bing or Yahoo, Trump is also among the top image hits. So multiple major search engines agree on the relevance of that association.
  • Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing crashes in 1Password and other apps

    So a developer I'm supposed to trust with my passwords just lets a certificate expire, and even admits they knew it was going to expire but didn't think it would matter?
    They apparently weren't the only ones to not know that their programs can expire after being installed? That's probably an unfamiliar concept to most developers unless they're leasing software like Adobe does.
  • Google and Oracle face off - again - over Android, with billions on the line

    gatorguy said:
    Didn't she shut the site down even before the initial judgement from Alsup that favored Google? Her excuse might be lame but running away from Google/Oracle doesn't appear to be the reason, at least to me. 

    Most industry people thought Oracle would win on copyright. It was considered a slam dunk, such that nobody thought it was even necessary to put their support behind Oracle. When Aslup made his ridiculous decision they all woke up and went "WTF just happened". After the trial and when Oracle filed their appeal is when all the big industry players started submitting their amicus briefs in support or Oracle. 

    Industry players like Microsoft, who is implementing the iOS system frameworks ( and engaging in the very practice that they argued against? One of Oracle's own products ( was created that way, as a drop-in replacement for proprietary Unix. Reimplementing interfaces is a standard practice as old as the software industry. Oracle is the one suddenly trying to change the rules.
  • Apple limits 2016 MacBook Pro models to 16GB of RAM to maximize battery life

    And Android phones have 4-6GBof RAM. Does it mean Apple should put that much RAM in their iPhones too?
    The comparison with and Android vs iOS is flawed because Windows is arguably lighter than macOS these days in terms of system resource usage. Windows was quite heavy back in the days of Vista but has been slimming down with each subsequent release as Microsoft has been trying to fit it on tablets. 
  • CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based 'CVS Pay'

    mike1 said:
    How is this any different than the Starbucks App which does practically the same thing and is a runaway success?

    I do agree though that CVS is going the wrong way with this. I much prefer to use my Apple Pay or NFC payment's as a whole. 
    Their app can and should do all the stuff that it does except the payment. They can integrate their loyalty card, manage prescriptions etc. That's all great. But, when it comes time to actually give them money, this convoluted, tedious and time wasting bar code scanning is just ridiculous. Enable NFC, accept Apple Pay (and the others) and be done with it. I believe this is an attempt to minimize the fees they pay for accepting cards.
    But you are already scanning the barcodes of the various items you check out. How is scanning one more barcode much of a hassle?