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  • Watch: Apple Lightning EarPods for 'iPhone 7' supposedly appear in new video

    I doubt if it's good idea. Well, saving $ on components to bring 3.5mm audio output will be  a lot to Apple, though.
    I remember that how much Samsung Elec. made an effort to cut the numbers of screws bolts in their notebooks computers in 90's and they said it will save lots of money for production. Especially saving money on A/D converter chip in iPhone can be significant. (3.5mm audio is analog, while bluetooth and lightning audio out is digital.)

    However, this will bring interesting topic to people who use iPhone to broadcast, record audio for interviewing and so on.
    Recently I had a chance to search what kind option there were for recording better audio, and shotgun mics, condenser mics, wireless mics.. all of them used 3.5mm audio jack. To people who already have those will need to buy a new one if they upgrade their iPhone to the new one without 3.5mm audio out port. If they want to use one mic/audio device requiring 3.5mm with other phones like Android should buy an another one with 3.5mm audio plug.
    To manufacturer it can be good and bad at the same time.
    This change can spur people to buy a new mics and audio devices, so to manufacturers it can be good chance to increase their revenue.
    On the other hand, it can be bad because they can't get benefit of economies of scale. So, cost for producing such audio devices can rise.

    So.. which is better to customers?

    Apple has interesting issue with this also.
    USB-C is already being adopted by other Android phones. MacBook uses USB-C. Probably MacBook Pro can have USB-C ports also.
    USB-C is small enough for iPhone... then.. why should they keep the two standard? Ligthing and USB-C?
    If they choose only one, for example, USB-C, those audio devices can be hooked up with iPhone and Mac ( and iPad).
    Are they going to ditch lighting port for USB-C?
    Or they will wait for a few years until customers replace their peripherals using Thunderbolt (mini display port) to USB-C (with Thunderbolt 3 protocol) and then ditch lightning port on iDevices with USB-C eventually?

    I hate this game.

  • Apple captures more than 103% of smartphone profits in Q3 despite shrinking shipments

    Whatever profits Apple makes, it means Apple has enough capability to push the market harder and also they take too much money from our pockets.

    So, because unit number wise market share is also important, Apple can introduce more price competitive but quality iPhone for the market where its not popular, like France, Latin America, India and China.
    just because its American products and its price is set based on American market, the price barrier in countries like India and China is too high. I've heard that the iPhone price is as much as one month or multiple months of salary in China.
  • Google I/O 2016: Android's failure to innovate hands Apple free run at WWDC

    Well, sounds like professional, but another unprofessional article. I'm sorry.

    If you subscribe tech news on Flipboard or Apple News, you will see that there were bunch of articles implying or saying how innovative Google is around Google  I/O.
    I don't agree with all of those opinions, but thing is that there are bunch of people and journalist who say/think so.
    On the other hands, people thing Apple is not innovative nowadays. 
    Again, I don't agree with all of those opinions, but but thing is that there are bunch of people and journalist who say/think so.

    Did Android fail in getting any industry sector? No. Their market share is increased a lot ( it doesn't mean that they make a lot more money proportion to the increase of market share though.) 

    Also even on Apple Insider article, 

    Apple, Maine Department of Education working to swap 'toy' iPads for MacBooks

    the author quoted, iPads "provide no educational function in the classroom,"
    A few days ago, there was news that Chrome book surpassed MacBook sales in that sector.

    What do they all mean? Apple is not successful in persuading those market.
    iPad? I thought it's too niche product from the beginning. Should you have another device for your sofa?
    iPad is not good enough for using while you are shopping or standing in the lines in front of theaters, and so on.
    Once you get seat and in stable posture, notebook is better.
    Then.. now Apple's lowest MacBooks are over $1000? don't provide memory / storage upgrade option? Customers should buy MBs with more memory when the memory price is high. ( waiting for a few years will bring the price for memory & storage down. ) As their needs grow, they should buy new MacBooks rather than upgrading memory / storage?
    Is world's thinnest that important? Isn't MacBook Air and Pros are already sufficiently thin? Until when Apple would stop making those notebooks thinner? paper thin?

    Those are all blocks for people to choose MacBooks. If it was like the era of pre-unibody MacBook Pros and white/black MacBooks, I would already bought one MacBook and upgrade as my need grow. But I'm hesitating buying one. Whatever model I pick, they are too expensive and make us to buy higher configuration when the memory and the storage are still expensive.