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  • Editorial: Apple's AirPods, iPhone 7, Series 2 Watch out... journalists

    Great article. I've been seeing the same thing. And the main problem I see, is that the current crop of "tech journalists" are all cronies. They all come from the same places and know each other personally and care what they and  their friends in the community think and say rather than truly inform the consumer.

    It's also about youngish writers with no real credentials to advise anyone on anything. It's become an echo-chamber where they think they can create a narrative instead of just report on the products. 
    It's a smug opinionated little clique, tjat loves the smell of their own farts, that even go on each other's podcasts just to kiss each other's asses instead of being a forum to inform consumers. 

    On a bright note, it's always great to see that consumer ignore their narrative, and that time proves their conclusions ridiculously wrong every time.
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  • Editorial: Apple's AirPods, iPhone 7, Series 2 Watch out... journalists

    Walt Mossberg was a "real" noted and respected journalist before he himself invented tech journalism. He is funny, charming and intelligent...
    The new bunch, Nily Patel included, have no business or credentials to talk than anyone here. His whole bizzare drunk rant on the 3.5 jack, ..basically calling it a crime against humanity is how far down a trench tech journalism has gone down since Walt came on the scene.
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  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    Again the echo-chambe wanted a narrative that was a fallacy plain and simple. 
    You want to use a regular jack? Fine. You want to use the one provided by Apple? Fine. You want Bluetooth? Fine. Everything is there. Some fools just live to complain and some in the tech blogger sector want to pretend they are important.

    last week moron in charge of The Verge Nily Patel (the moron who called it a crime against humanity) on this podcast AltWaltDelete actually said that Apple making a better product with their own chip inside the Airpods was a devious move. I mean how dare Apple make a  better product. And it was all about making money! My god how dare they!! That was his argument. That Apple on their own  making a better wireless experience was ...like it was a bad thing.

    And he even pondered out-loud that Apple should pass on this technical advancement to everyone else so as to lose their advantage. I mean this is coming from the mouth of a dude that keeps saying he is/was a lawyer. He would be laughed out of any court with such asinine opinions.
     No one has made a valid argument against this least of a all a buffoon such as Nily Patel.

    ...And that my friends is the "brain" running a major tech blog. That's how low the standards in tech "journalism are today.
  • How Apple's new, powerful 4-inch iPhone SE is built for the future

    Exactly right. This photo will be a workhorse. Anyone with a three year old 5s knows how well it still performs and how well the timeless design has held up. There is no other phone around you can say that about.
    And unlike Android, Apple has fully supported their customers with it instead of abandoning them and moving on to the next model and next customer. The last east software iOS 9.3 run fantastic on my 5s with even better battery life than when I first bought it. You cannot say that about any Android device. The quality and longevity is there for all to see.
  • Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RA...


    With Android you still get funky useless widgets!

    Don't forget the amazingness of customizable widgets!

    ...and side-loadable malware!!
  • Google sells off Terra Bella satellite unit to Planet Labs

    We'll they'll need the money. Their new fully operational Death Star Isn't likely to come on line for another 5 years. So it's a good call by alphabet. The Death Star will have many additional functionalities 
  • Sales of iPhones down year-on-year despite popularity of iPhone XR in US

    And congressmen want to investigate Apple for being a monopoly.
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  • Police contracted to guard Apple Stores in Sacramento following theft spree

    I went to work in Sacramento this summer for a couple of months. And the memory of that time that I tell everyone is that it was the first time in my life that I went to a McDonalds with two guards standing out front. I was new to the city so I just wanted something familiar near by where I wouldn’t need to drive. Scariest McDonalds ever.
  • The Verge founding member Chris Ziegler worked at Apple for two months before leaving website

    What's funny is apparently most of these tech bloggers from all the different sites all worked together at certain times and are chummy enough to call each other for opinions on each other's reviews. They love to pat themselves on the back and smell each other's farts. They go on each other's podcasts to jerk each other off and  see everything through their own little bubble.

    I remember when everyone was so eager to praise the first Microsoft Surface Book, all giving it great and glowing  reviews. 
    Soon after they landed on customers hands, complaits went through the roof as just about everything on the thing was screwed up. Customers who were suckered by the reviews ended up with bricked pos machines.
    Joana Stern from the Wall Street journal was on a podcast at the time admitting that she called her buddies  from The Verge to see what they though as they were both writing their glowing reviews in their eco chamber. Only to see the first Surface Book turn out to be a huge POS.
    Same thing happened with the Note 7, they were all on board, they were all going to praise it and shit on Apples headphone 3.5 jack.
    Sadly their narrative literally blew up in their face as the gadget they all recomened like the Surface before it was another flawed pos. They pang to to be first with the click bait reviews however half ass, then pretend they are objective.

    And about the 3.5  headphone jack that was the beginning of the apocalypse acording to the echo chamber, well the iPhone 7 is still back ordered till god knows when.
    The Verge or all these cheesy bloggers have  lost so much credibility that their reviews matter squat.
  • The worst Apple designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

    Any generation Apple TV remote. No Apple product brings as much hate at home on a regular basis as the Apple remote.
    The worst of form over function.