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  • Apple working on fix for iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods remote control issue

    Soli said:
    xmhillx said:
    Wow. I've had this issue with my iPhone 6s ever since iOS 9 came out. I've called Apple support, it went up to senior tech engineer or whatever, no resolution. Went to Apple Store, ran a bunch of tests and confirmed but just swapped out the phone. Nothing wrong with the headphones. Still happened. Updated to iOS 10, still have the issues sporadically. Controls just stop working. It's weird. Unplugging and plugging back in fixes it but it shouldn't happen in the first place. 
    You had this issue with EarPods that use the analog headphone jack?
    Yup. Similar issue with the included airpods in the iPhone 6s box I bought new. Reproduced the issue with another set of older airpods. So it indicates the airpods aren't the problem. The Apple Store swapped out my iPhone 6s and I still had the problem. iOS 10 came out and I still have the problem. The Genius Bar thought it could be a corrupted iOS and that even backing up and restoring onto a new device would copy the corrupted OS. But they wiped my original phone, put a troubleshooting OS on it in DFU mode or whatever, and put my basic iCloud info without all my other files/apps/etc. And I still experience the issue listening to podcasts and music and taking calls. There were a few other problems too, for example trying to pause a podcast, with one quick press obviously, activates Siri. It's supposed to be a long press. Then the in-line mic controls won't respond at all after invoking Siri. So it's a much bigger issue in my case, but includes mic controls not responding.

    It's fucking nuts. But a relief somewhat to hear other ppl having similar issues. The senior engineer over the phone at Apple had told me they had no other similar issues on record. I just live with the issue and I got a new phone after 7 months so at least there's that. 
  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    tycho24 said:
    What?????! Lol.
    Sooooooo.... are you trying to say that nobody knew iPhone 7+ was going to have dual cameras before the initial estimates were made?? They were wrong because: the "unexpected" dual camera is a selling point?? I don't think I could come up with a more idiotic & hard to defend stance if I tried...
    You start off with asking if I'm trying to say that, then conclude that I did. 

    I spelled out 4 points that contribute to a different estimate. As elementary as I could make it. And you try to pin it down to only one.

    Underestimating the interest in the dual camera could be a factor in low initial sales estimates, but it's not the only factor nor is it overwhelmingly the biggest factor. The general public wasn't aware about the dual camera until it was announced, they just buy iPhones cuz they're new iPhones. Some see a new dual lens camera and are even more swayed to buy it cuz they've never seen one before cuz they don't really pay attention to the entire smartphone market. It's not unfathomable that the amount of those ppl was underestimated and contributes to a higher estimate; keyword contributes. Along with the other 3 contributing factors I spelled out. Doesn't mean it alone makes up the whole reason for low estimates.
  • Explosions prompt FAA to warn airline passengers against using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in flight [u]

    That sucks. Wouldn't want any company's phone or product to go through that. Wonder what the detailed causes are, to rule out and ensure it won't happen to other electronics.