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  • Apple earns more from gaming than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Activision combined

    It is quite intriguing to me the ‘time’ of this news.

    Of course, it is almost clear the the WSJ appears to live on finding bad thing on Apple.

    But after the Judge said that ‘Apple is not a monopoly in mobile games but it is at risk of being’… then someone makes a ‘report’ that mixes mobile/console/PCs.

    Apple's earnings on iOS games is huge… but it is not a monopoly.

    And all that comes after console makers and games stores reduced their commissions… so they earn less. (Apple's earning were huge event then.)

    Success is not illegal. (But makes others hate you!)
  • Flying with iPad mini: A pilot's review

    Nice story. A Piper 1940 is a nice plane! I used to fly noe by 1970.
    In Argentina, in those times we flight ‘by the rails’ —following the railroad tracks—. Railroad stations had painter the name in the roof so pilots ‘knew’ where they were!

    It would also be nice to hear the view of an actual 767/777's pilot.
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    Do we remember when some ‘high exec’ did not apologised by the Maps-gate? Tim Cook asked him to go out.
    With Johnny Ive he was more nice… after the initial ‘fashion Apple Watch’ fiasco.

    The only thing that we must remember is that… “Blaming Apple —and Tim Cook— brings book sales, NYT's page view…”

    Do you imagine an Apple Studio with a single port?
  • Bill Gates was ousted from Microsoft board over staff relationship

    Melinda was also a Microsoft employee…
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  • Apple Silicon Mac Pro could combine two M1 Ultra chips for speed

    Before this kind of ‘future predictions’ I use to remember the Arthur Clarke's Third Law of Predicting the future: “If you advance too far, it is like magic!”

    And the M1 —with its unified memory— and the Ultra —with its UltraFusion connection— are both ‘like magic’ (specially for what we expected).

    So, before doing any prediction I will suggest that everyone of us make this simple test.

    1- Suppose you are seeing WWDC20 and the announce: Apple silicon transition.
    2- Now, remember what you expected. (Most probably, 1.5 times the speed of an Intel chip.)
    3- Then, put yourself in the Novenber event —the M1 launch— and check how far ahead was Apple's chip from what you thought.
    4- Remember what you thought it would be… ‘the next level.’
    5- Once again… next event… the M1 Pro and M1 Max launch and check how far back from the annoucements you were. Miles back, for sure.
    6- Once again… remember what you thought for the ‘next level.’
    7- Now stand in front of your monitor seeing the March 8 event and check how wrong you —us all— were.
    8- Now, you are in condition to ‘predict the future, the new MacPro.’

    Most probably, our thoughts advanced in a ‘lineal progression’ and Apple silicons advanced in an ‘exponential progression.’

    So, the MacPro won't have neither a M1 chip —its line is completed— nor an M2 —although the design already could be in production—.
    It would —most probably— neither be a two/four/eight/sixteen Ultras in the same package.

    Personally I think that there would be a totally new kind of chip or ‘something magic’ —like unified memory and UltraFussion— that will boost the performance far away from ‘linear prediction.’

    (The only thing I'm sure is that it won't have an Intel chip!)
  • Apple's legendary Clarus the dogcow returns in macOS Ventura

    Maybe some of the very… very… very old Macintosh users… —I bought my first Macintosh in October 1985— will remember that Clarus even had a ‘Technical Note’ —I do not remember if it was #10 oe #19— than then was removed from the list of Technical Notes —by that time, TN where the ‘holy grail’ to understand the system—.

    As for the disappearance… although it was around Steve Jobs coming back… I think that it was more related to the disappearance of the original Macintosh OS… when it began to be replaced by Mac OS X.

    (One thing that I never understood was the disappearance of ‘HyperCard’! Snif, snif…)
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    quote: “Apple needs to find to its roots again, even it will not be Wallstreets darling anymore.”

    What better ‘find to its roosts’ than the new Studio Mac?
  • Apple's Self Service Repair answers critics, doesn't help users

    As for ’tools’ I am almost sure that iFix can sell you anyone you need!

    There is no reason why Apple should ‘make mandatory’ that you buy them the tools. Well, maybe, the glue…
  • Apple explains security & privacy risks of side-loading in detailed new paper

    My two —usually useless— comments:

    1— ASK THE CUSTOMERS! We paid around $1,000- for an iPhone because it gives us ‘security and privacy.’
    The people that ask for side loading are: politician looking for votes; developers trying to avoid paying for Apple's IP; sellers and business looking to get into the ‘golden garden’ without paying anything; ad seller looking to track users…

    The FCA, FCC, EU, et als should do a poll: The telcos have the numbers, ask users —by OS— what they want!

    2— Apple could sell a ‘Yellow iPhone’ —as the Product RED—. It must be clearly distinguished as what it is: a side-loading device… Apple will take no responsability in anything that happens with the device —other that physical, but many users will break it when everything is stollen from them!—.

  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C

    Wouldn't it be nicer if those lawyers with Sentor's titles will put all their energy to streamline th ful Standard Essential Patents's system?

    Of course the laws on SEP where made by lawyers —money for them—, all the litigations also means money for lawyers… 

    And who pays for all that money? Customers!