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  • Oracle will move headquarters to Texas from California

    Arizona turned Blue because of the exodus from California.  Texas is next due to the same effect.
  • Cumulative App Store titles declined for first time in 2017, report says

    64 bit mandate == spring clean up
  • Reminder -- the iTunes ability to play to multiple speakers is not AirPlay 2, but is prett...

    Never had any out of sync buffer delay mixing the follow:

    -Direct audio attached to a Mac 
    -Airplay from the Mac to 3 Apple TVs (1 forth generation over HDMI, 2 second generation over analog out) attached to stereo receivers.  
    -Airplay from the Mac  to 2 iHome WS2s over wifi
    -Airplay from the Mac to 4 iHome WS3 over wifi
    -Airplay from the Mac to Raspberry PI attached to stereo receiver.

    all the above at the same time and all are in sync via iTunes on a Mac.

    If I want to my iPhone provide the audio source, I can use a combination Airfoil Satellite for Mac  (and stream to the Mac) and Airfoil for Mac  (which distributes the incoming audio to other speakers) and Airfoil remote for iOS ( to control individual volumes of those outputs).

    I don't use the iPhone to drive the audio source so much as a remote for iTunes on the Mac because I don't like draining my iPhone's battery.
    If I do end up buying a HomePod, I'm not sure I would utilize Airplay 2 much for that same reason.  The battery life.

  • How to find your saved Wi-Fi network password stored in your Mac's Keychain

    somewhat related tip:
    latest version of macOS/iOS will automatically offer up sharing a wifi password to other users attempting to login to secure wifi if they are within bluetooth range. 
  • Latest iOS 11.2 beta clarifies that Control Center doesn't fully disable Wi-Fi and Bluetoo...

    mike1 said:
    Just curious. How does WiFi help with pinpointing my location through GPS better than cell tower triangulation? Not talking about ibeacons and such inside buildings.
    It certainly can't help while driving as one would pass through WiFi networks too quickly to be of any use.
    I think because the location of wifi hotspots is identified via crowd source data placed into online database. This is done by handsets which have GPS built in to phone home the their location when a new wifi network is seen.  I believe Android and iPhone handsets can both do this.
  • Video: How Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari works

    useful info AI!  thanks for making the video
  • With iPhone 8, Apple's Silicon Gap widens as the new A11 Bionic obliterates top chips from...

    birko said:
    Salivating at the possibility of A12 in macbook
    Apple won't use the Ax in Macs until they outperform Intel's best chips.  Putting Ax processors in MacBooks will only diminish Apple's buying power with Intel.

    Besides, a new class of Ax processors would be required to operate MacOS applications.  You don't want to force developers to recompile for a new processor design when all of their experience/expertise is firmly established in existing technology.  The exception to that statement is a processor that can operate two different OSs ala MacOS 9/MacOS X.
    There is no reason to put it in the smaller MacBook.   They will put it iPad Pro and continue to build out iOS for iPad to have the same desktop features as MacOS.  Eventually it will to replace the need for MacBook as iPad Pro gains more MacOS ported features. MacBook and MacBook Pro can continue along in parallel as this happens until it makes no sense to buy them anymore.    Give me a trackpad and adjustable hinge on a smart keyboard that attaches to the 12.9 inch and a few more Apple native MacOS apps ported over and I'm good. Terminal, etc.  They already are taking the steps to go in that direction.   Dock, Multitasking, Files (aka Finder lite). 

    MacOS is already feeling like it is falling behind in features in some way.  HomeKit, lack of App availability.  I think if Apple had an opportunity to get people off MacOS and only one common iOS platform (TV, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro (Desktop replacement) ), then they would take it. If they can get people to move from MacOS on MacBook to iOS on iPad Pro by providing enough Desktop features in iOS, then I think they would be in a much stronger market position on the Desktop.   More Apps, more secure OS, less SW development efforts using a unified SW platform.

    I dont have a magic 8 ball, however indications do seem like they are heading in this direction.  I have no pressing reason to upgrade to High Sierra. It just not that much of a feature release for me and I suspect others.  The MacOS team has obviously focused on something else over the past year. 
  • Samsung mocks Apple with new 'On the Fence' ad

    why only fold it once, fold it twice to make it 2x as good.. everyone needs a cube phone.   /s      
  • Ransomware group attempts to extort Apple with supposed leaks from supplier Quanta

    Schematics for the Apple IIc
  • Sprint offers free 64GB iPhone 8 after trade-in to lure subscribers

    how is this a good deal? "Technically customers are agreeing to an 18-month lease which would normally cost $29.17 per month, and they should receive credit within their first two bills."

    I buy a year old car out right (full price) for $650.  I trade it in for a new car which is costs roughly $50 more.  But instead of buying it and getting money for my trade it, give away my old car that I paid money for and instead I lease for 18 month for $0/mo. I don't own this car that I am leasing,  I'm just leasing it for free.  After the lease is done, I don't have the the $650 that I paid for my old car, because I simply gave it away,  nor do I have the new car because I never owned it. I was just leasing it.