Amazon’s search function is misleading when “HomeKit” is requested, and so the HomeKit link in this article also misleads. Searching Amazon for “HomeKit” returns many items that do not support HomeKit, and sometimes the non-HomeKit versions of products that do support HomeKit.


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  • Apple tells users to erase, restore iPhone and Apple Watch to fix Workout GPS data bug

    The upgrade to iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 both cleared out Notes, which have each taken ~2 weeks to completely download from iCloud.com. Notes is important to me, which makes this workaround unappealing.
  • Apple Card to launch in first half of August

    I'll bite....   The standard 2% from ApplePay will be nice, but not a panacea as I'm getting 1.5% now.   For the rest of the benefits...   Meh...   I manage my finances using Quicken far better and far tighter than anything the AppleCard will provide -- so I will likely just ignore those other servies/benefits.

    My plan is:  I will downgrade my main Chase card to paying recurring charges which will put my underperforming PNC card into retirement (I won't close it out however).  I'll use my Discover Card (which has a really nice benefit of ID Theft protection) for things like PayPal and also take advantage of its quarterly 5% cash back offers.   And the Apple card will become my main card -- of which 90-95% will flow through ApplePay.

    I'll give it a go and see how it flies....
    I use Banktivity, which interacts with banks using the Quicken protocol, and I’ll be waiting to see if the Apple Card will support direct downloads of charge items. If not, they’ll all have to be entered manually, which may be a deal-breaker.
  • Apple News+ fails to bring in new subscribers despite impressive launch

    I think Apple’s done a good job with the app, but many of the mags in N+ aren’t that strong. I’d like to see a variety of narrowly focused specialty publications. Enough with People, etc. Also, access to newspapers & magazines in languages beyond English would be interesting.
  • Philips Hue will be compatible with new Matter home connectivity standard

    I wonder about the security implications of using Matter to include non-HomeKit devices on a HomeKit network.  Also, what, if any, is the relationship between Matter and Thread?