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  • Early reviews peg Samsung's Galaxy S7 as a serious contender for best smartphone

    rob53 said:
    And how many of these reviewers actually like anything from Apple? As for camera reviews, I'll wait to hear from actual photography websites instead of journalists. Oh wait, I don't really care what Samsung makes, I'll never buy one anyway. What was that article I read recently, millions of Android phones infected with malware.....
    All of them like Apple products to a greater or lesser degree. I think too many Apple fans take competitor's products scoring well, means Apple's products will score less. To me it's such a goofy idea to compare these two companies in the first place. One makes only premium devices for richer more elitist buyers and the other makes phones in great volume for peons to those who can afford to buy anything. Samsung sold 100 Million more smartphones than Apple last year and you can bet they were a 100 Million cheap Android smartphones. Neither iOS or Android being based on Unix clones...... are capable of getting viruses in the wild. Malware? It's about equaled out.

    If anyone buys a phone simply on whether it is capable of getting malware or not..... both are capable of it and both will have kernel vulnerabilities and bugs forever. Devices and software coding in general with best security available, still only ever bring around an 85% level of trust. There is no such thing as a completely "Impenetrable Fortress" and never will be. Things can always happen in real life.... that changes things from what they seem to the opposite results. If it can be made or written it can therefore be broken. That only changes in Quantum Physics and sub atomic world! let the phone makers compete on their own merits to the people who care most about them!
  • Apple employees threaten to quit if forced to build GovtOS, report says

    Though I hope that there is no GovtOS, would these employees be charged with "Contempt of Court"? 
    Apparently Congress is working on some new encryption law. So that "Contempt of Court" charges in these unlock/criminal/terrorist Legal cases concerning corporations has some clout. Refusal to comply will result in daily fines against the company for sure and possibly an admin may be jailed at some point. Seems it has bipartisan support in congress and if passed soon enough could even be used in this case. The only contested points in the law now seems to be fine amounts and whether a company admin can be jailed or not. In several EU states this admin jailing for corporate contempt charges has already been made law.

    For the source code and keys Govt does apparently have legal standing. I just forgot what court case was cited as precedent setting. But it seems to me that'd be a whole different can of worms and kind of puts Apple between a rock and a hard place. Also.... in the case of a court order like this, refusing to comply by corporations will be a crime as either a "Contempt of Court" charge or "Obstruction of Justice". At this point it's not clear which..... but I don't think threat of employees quitting is going to save anyone or Apple now!

    Also keep in mind Govt has requested some kind of inquiry for sides to present expert witnesses in support either fore or against Apple's request to drop this request. Looks like Apple is having a department head testify. Govt has some legal expert coming in..... not sure who or from where. Stage is set for tomorrow for the court to deliver it's verdict on Apple's request though.