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  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    I've used Mac OS & iOS, Windows from Basic to 10, also Droid on a Samsung S5, Note5 and their 12.2 tablet, also Commander 64, 128 Amiga 500 & 2000 which I ran Mac OS, Windows, Linux. The Best Computer was the Commodore Amiga 2000, then Windows10 and Mac OS 7, 8 & 9, 10 started the crap OS.. I've used windows phone, sorry microsoft they suck. I've used Iphone 3g, 4? 6+ the 4 & 6+ still have att. issues, with dropped calls. The Samsung Droid runs ring around the iPhone iOS. The Samsung is very Customizable. The other thing with the smartphones is your carrier. T-mobile is better with what is and not active. I have friends that have both ATT & Version, they had to go back to the store to get the VPN to work, on their 6+The ace for the iPhone is that you can erase the phone from any where. The droid you have to have a service to do that. You can trace it but not wipe it. Oh yes, I own the iPod 9.7 air2 and the samsung 12.2 tab. Samsung Droid is better. Two things Apple to get me back, is to have one OS PERIOD. Dropped Intel and go with AMD, besides being cheaper, they are better, running Photoshop, Premier Pro & After Effects, Ill., etc.I build a system for a friend using AMD FX & R9 16 gig of mem. two HD drives and two SSD drives. It smoked the Mac Pro, using both Final Cut Pro & Photoshop. Folks use your brains other then for a hat or hoodie!