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  • Apple Maps, Weather app now shows Crimea as Russian territory

    It would probably just annoy them, but it is possible to click somewhere on the map inside Crimea and chose the “Report an issue” option, where you can leave a comment such as “Crimea is not part of Russia.”
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  • Apple was told about Group FaceTime privacy bug more than a week before closing access

    Apple has become a turgid bueocracy under Tim Cook.
    Fire him.
    If Steve Jobs were still alive, he would have shut the company down and imprisoned the entire engineering team in Siberia as soon as the first tweet about this bug was sent. Then he would've bought back every defective Apple product that had FaceTime installed, and thrown them into a volcano. Then he would have started an entirely new company where he would single-handedly invent, build and sell new game-changer tech gear on a bi-weekly basis. These mystical devices would be perfect, of course, and would sell by the hundreds of millions, instantly. 
  • Rudy Giuliani says warrant illegal since agents already had data 'from the iCloud'

    You might have had a point there if only Giuliani hadn’t been appointed by the previous President as Cyber Security Advisor, and he accepted that appointment. This would suggest both he and the President believed he has qualifications and technical knowledge that go beyond a great-grampa who always had a secretary to handle the new-fangled technical stuff for him. If, on the other hand, he took such an appointment without even a basic understanding of such things, perhaps that lack of knowledge and qualifications is a proper subject for criticism. 
  • Disney+ touts more than 10 million subscribers day after launch

    ireland said:
    Yes, but how many old users left Netflix? I left.

    Disney+ not available here. What’s it like? Name the kinds of stuff on there, please.
    Large swaths of content from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel. Movies and TV shows. Digging through Amazon Prime is kind of like digging through bins of clearance DVDs at a big box store. You find a few things that you like, but mostly lots of cheap stuff, most of which you don't really want. Disney+ is not like that. 
  • The worst Apple designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

    I’ve never understood the angst about the Magic Mouse 2 charging port. The critique above explains clearly why the port doesn’t need to be on the edge or top of the mouse. Less than a minute’s charge yields hours of use. 

    As as noted in another post above, a charging cable isn’t structurally designed to handle the motions and bending involved with being a mouse cord.  Yet, you can rest assured that lots of people would just leave it plugged in all the time, damaging the cable and the charging port on the mouse as well. Then there would be lots of complaints and inevitable class-action lawsuits over the poorly designed charging cables and charging ports. And for what? Because users can’t wait a minute or two to charge up the mouse for a day’s use. 

    Or or they could put the charging port on the bottom of the mouse, so the user can’t misuse the charging cable, torquing, twisting and damaging it and the mouse. 

    No, Ive and Apple knew exactly what they were doing here, and they made the right choice. 
  • Banana price issue causes expensive Apple Pay mistake in UK

    Why is this even a story about Apple Pay? A pricing error occurred prior to Apple Pay carrying out the transaction as displayed. The customer completed the transaction without looking at the erroneous total. A refund was made, but complicated by hardware failures that have nothing to do with Apple Pay. This is a non-story.
  • Rudy Giuliani says warrant illegal since agents already had data 'from the iCloud'

    There is literally no reason for this to be an article on AI.  Because he used the term “iCloud” in his argument?   And the last three paragraphs of the article - general commentary on Apple’s work with government requests - have been covered, ad nauseam, in other pieces.  

    Stay out of politics, please.
    We have very frequently been requested to increase our coverage of Apple as it relates to political matters. In fact, those requests greatly outnumber the times that we have been asked to stop doing so. And, I'm not sure why you're calling this "political" because our coverage on this is not that in any way.

    You'll probably find that the other coverage of this particular matter in other venues exclude "general commentary on Apple’s work with government requests" -- which is the entire point of the matter.

    Indeed, the description of Apple’s approach to government requests for user data is pointedly relevant to Giuliani’s claims about how that info was obtained. Specifically, Giuliani claims the data was obtained illegally, but yet Apple’s policy is to not release anything without legal warrants. This would suggest that Giuliani’s claims are perhaps not truthful. Despite suggestions otherwise, providing factual information is not political. Taking sides with the truth only becomes political to a political “side” that chooses not to stick with the truth. 
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    Remember all those peanuts in the peanut gallery who were cursing Tim Cook because Apple was "abandoning the Mac?" 
  • Report finds AirTag enables 'inexpensive, effective stalking'

    I haven't seen any commentary about a flip-side of this issue: Air Tags as evidence against stalkers. These devices are registered to a single user, and presumably leave a data trail on Apple servers somewhere. It's easy for a stalker to drop a tag in someone's bag, but not so easy to retrieve undetected later. Someone who finds a tag that someone else has placed in their effects could take it to the police. With a properly executed warrant, this could be end up as pretty clear evidence against a stalker who has used one to track someone. A few publicized instances of people being penalized for that, and many potential stalkers may ultimately hesitate to use tags for nefarious purposes.
  • 'iPhone 12' predicted to ship without EarPods, will boost AirPods sales

    gatorguy said:
    That makes sense to me....
    I have seen my collection of earbuds growing and growing.
    Essentially, at this point, almost everybody already has multiple sets of them.  Plus, AirPods have essentially obsoleted these things.

    So, why force people to buy something they don't need and don't want?
    I don't think you are buying them.

    The iPhone selling price would be the same with or without them IMO. They end up as a freebie in the box. It makes perfect sense that if hardware revenues are decreasing a bit that those free things get removed and paid things take their place, but you won't be paying less for your next Phone because they took cheap earbuds out of the box. The market will bear the same price with or without them.
    You can be sure that there is no such thing as a freebie. Ear buds have always been included in the price of the iPhone, just like every component of the phone and part of the packaging. These things are accounted for down to the last cent.

    It's true that many people already have multiple spare and unused earbuds, charger bricks and cables lying around. Those things are used (or not used) and worn out at different rates than the phones themselves. It would make sense both financially and from an environmental standpoint to start separating those from the phone package, and instead offer discount vouchers with a new iPhone that can be applied toward the purchase of those other things separately. Some percentage of the vouchers will go unused, roughly commensurate with the number of EarPods that are tossed directly into junk drawers now. When you think of it on the macro level of the millions of phones sold every year, that represents a significant amount of waste that can be removed from the system. It is very unlikely that the price of an iPhone would be reduced. Removing the cost of including a set of earbuds with every phone would, however, make it possible to incrementally increase the value of what goes into the phone itself, even accounting for use of discounts towards peripherals, profit, etc.