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  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

    Ahahah Phil Schiller says what a corporate man says. I think Apple is loosing its tempo and the computer business it's getting less important to them as for 4 years now. There is no improovment in performances and the costant denial of a real GPU in the pro machine is an unbearable statment, i bought one of the few 15 inch pro with an nvidia gpu and now i think i was lucky. I won't upgrade to mac as for now and maybe in the future: fancy machines are ok but still with this price point they have to scream in performance. There are beautiful reviews in you tube and they all agree, something is wrong with apple strategy. They don't get that, when you loose the pro you start to loose the market, apple is begginning its decline from now. This kind of innovations are not so intresting, this strip oled touch bar is such a stupid tool compared to others already existing. We will see a rise of the hackintosh market which is pretty intresting by now. All other competitors does a better job, apple is forcing us to change. How can you build a machine that costs 3.000 dollars and not be able to put the best in it. (Kaby lake. Nvidia. 64gb ram the camera and peripherals) no way.
  • iPhone sales fall to 51.2M, Apple earns $50.6B in revenue in disappointing March quarter

    It is clear that apple is not listening to customares and they believe they can be the elite for the phones. I left the Iphone beacuase in terms of price and quality it's inferior to all other brands, i am having my second android and this time i am satisfied with motorola by lenovo, more or less same as an iphone 6s plus but priced 600 euros under, as i can put external micro sd memory. But overall I am not satisfied with all apple products, are less solid and durable, the i pad has too many ios limitations, the stubborness to avoid the merging of the two operatives system, you are late on many things now, and you are gonna loose a lot of credit, that's why your marketing is increasing. The new Macbook is useless with one port and a too slow processor, mac book air needs better screen resolution, and the avidity of the memories in ipad and iphone still starting at 16 gb is ridiculous. I think that there are too many wrong choices at the moment, needless to mention the iwatch useless and super expensive. Also the mac book pro retina line isn't evovling in the past 3 years or 4. I guess you were not hungry, becasue of your dominance, and now i think you are gonna loose a lot of market share if you don't change in time. But something tells me you believe too much in your own trajectory, and the Ceo is not so clever and visionar, i am sorry tim cook, but you have to focus more on suggestions, we are so many in the world that are inspired by apple, and a lot of suggestions can come from the base, stop imposing products that we don't like. Mac book is amazing but it should have been more a replacement for the air and not with that price point. Operating system in my i pad 2 started to decline after ios7 and now i don't want to use it anymore, sorry but this doesn't make me feel i wanna buy a new one, instead the opposite. My macbook pro 15 inch abandoned me after only 8 years. Pretty bad i say. I pods of earlier generations were left to rotten. Too much too much.. and guess what i would love to buy a new iphone but not with 850 euros price tag for just little more and little less from competition. Think about it and ask people. Apple is becoming too much obsessed with money and we can sense that. But first get us back the real quality in the products and make them durable, that is also the issue. And come on, how can you still think in a 4,6 inch screen for a phone... and the 4 inch also is so stupid.. people buy it beacause it's cheaper not because they really want it, if you slash the price on iphone 6s then you see. But greediness is within your dna now...
  • Official Apple images show new MacBook Pro with OLED 'Magic Toolbar,' Touch ID, new speaker design

    What a useless tool, i think apple is forgetting too much the pro user and especially that the path is more clear with yoga or surface, and that they have to merge the two OS. i don't really get it, for the first time in years i am thinking to switch to window. Too useless innovations but more than that not a very good innovations on performance, and if they put the amd graphic card inside... i will really buy window as my next laptop Dell is doing so good now. Why they want to be only phone maker? I know for the revenues, but it's stupid what they are doing, all the professionals i speak too are changing their mind on apple.. also it's so easy for them to produce the best compuetrs.. come on apple stop this nonsense like the mac pro how can you think to not upgrade the processor as for 3 years now? that is really crazy. And the imac how long do we have to wait to see a graphic card in the model 21.5 4k. And also why don't you make iphone and ipad pro a real computer running a real operative system with a finder.. you always ask yourself why tablets are selling less and less.. it is really all up to you bosses at apple .. stop concentrating only on numbers... we are tired of your greediness!!!!