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  • Genius Bar doesn't hire retired Apple engineer, fires up age discrimination debate

    It might be worth pointing out to the defenders in this thread that that the technology they are being so cocky about was invented, engineered, and created by people that far exceed the age of 19 - if it weren't for the generation you seem so intent on disparaging there would be no starting point for your precious expertise in the first place, it didn't come about immaculately or already stored in your brains when you were born. Anyone that thinks ageism isn't a reality in american society is delusional. Granted, this isn't a new attitude for younger people to have, it's just that in the past those under thirty were not some of the wealthiest members of society, and society itself did not collectively put wealth on a pedestal above all else. I suppose we can take comfort in the fact that all of them will also be 50 one day, and that through their own behavior and attitudes they will have taught the subsequent generation that they too are useless and disposable.
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  • On its 9th birthday, Apple's iPhone finds itself at a crossroads

    "Do you have an example of something that's not gimmicky?"

    Exactly. The sheer amount of work that went into Messages, for example, for so little actual useful utility, is staggering. I understand of course that they need to sell phones, and that the demographic that even has time for such things is quite large, but I would hardly call any of that earth shattering innovation. They seem to be more focused on functionality through software, and philosophical and ethical considerations (for which I'm grateful, their privacy developments are actually very praiseworthy).
  • Apple wins California DMV permit for testing self-driving car, could put tech on public ro...

    Very much agreed. It's still science fiction, don't look for fully-autonomous cars anytime soon. It really doesn't matter what is happening in California, it's a terrible gauge for the rest of the continental U.S. - where I live, the landscape changes regularly, and there is no way current self-driving tech could hope to make any sense of it, pretty much just period. This is still many years off. I expect driver assist functions will improve greatly over the next ten years, however, I suspect Apple is doing more on that end.
  • Apple Stores suffering from 'cult' atmosphere, advancement barriers, says UK staffer

    New poster here, and I promise I'm not a troll. Hello to all. 

    Unfortunately this is all correct, and it has been their modus operandi from day one (which means it actually began under Jobs, though who knows? May have been Forestalls baby). 

    About ten years ago, I got hired twice at the local Apple store. I never accepted because of the low pay, which at the time was less than $7 an hour (though please note that geniuses make more than sales people).  No, there are no sales commissions or potentials for advancement. I actually made more working part time at a call center than I would have for the richest company on earth (and got benefits, too!). 

    I always assumed this was to keep their frontline comprised of young, 'hip' staff that don't need to rely on the job or just don't know any better, though I have seen the occasional employee over 30 since that time. 

    One last thing (no pun intended): Apple retail is a separate division internally, you are NOT working 'for Apple' proper. If you have fantasies of climbing the Apple ladder, forget it. The two divisions do not intermingle.

    Depending on a person's needs and temperament, it could be fun, but there are other non-professional jobs that offer more to their employees. Heck, you'd likely do better waiting tables or working for Geek Squad.