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  • Apple may launch three new iPhones in 2017, limiting curved OLED to one model - report

    In other news, there is speculation around a possible bunny-shaped smartphone in 2017, to be followed in 2018 by a larger iZoo collection of phone shapes.  Stay tuned as we monitor the rumor pipeline for more updates.  And keep those clicks coming!
  • Tim Cook sells off another $29M in Apple stock

    red oak said:
    Would have been great if he announced instead:  "I'm holding onto all my shares.  I believe the stock is grossly undervalued"

    Instead of the usual corporate bullshit about "pre-scheduled selling of stock" and diversification 

    Why sell when the stock is at PE of 12?   How does one, as CEO, defend that?   Do you need the cash? 
    Or "I am holding on to my shares - AND BUYING MORE SHARES.  I am doing this because the next iPhone isn't a snoozer AND we are finally fixing all of the neglected products and software issues that have pissed off customers for the past 8 years"
    Spot on, totally agreed
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    blitz1 said:
    Soli said:
    AdBrit said:
    In the end, all this is Apple trying to avoid paying taxes, something all of us do compliantly without begging for exception. Apple and other Corporations are simply moochers of a countries wealth whether that be the consumer's dollars or the consumer's labour. They are transient welfare bums.
    What should a corporation do? Pay taxes beyond what they are legally obligated to pay in order to appease you? I certainly have accountants looking for every possible way I can reduce how much I legally owe the gov't. You don't do that?
    Legally obligated to pay in Ireland is 12,5%.
    Not 1%, not 0.005%
    Too funny, and there are pro-multinational zombies out there, representing on behalf of the big multinational corporations, by giving dislikes to your remarks.  As if these big multinational corporations would do anything but squash these little fanboys like the cockroaches they are.  Would sure be nice if Apple and other multinational corporations actually paid a rate close to what individual taxpayers pay here in the US.
  • Apple announces water resistant iPhone 7: pressure sensing home button, dual cameras, jet black fin

    The dimwits left the power button directly opposite the volume buttons.  So much for the single-handed operation that I loved in my 5s.  Apple's usual response:  "You're holding it wrong".  Geniuses.  Not.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    Aw, Timmy, sugar pie, you already have your hundreds of millions in the bank.  Don't get you panties in a wad about having to actually pay taxes once in a long while.  Not every country out ther is as stupid as the US;  hey actually expect corporations to also pay their fair share to support the commons.  After all, Timmy, corporations are people, and all people have to pay taxes.
    big brother 84
  • Tim Cook responds to $14.5B EU tax bill with open letter, says decision will be reversed

    Love how all the fanboys and multinational corporation supporters show up to defend tax cheating.  Apple uses "the commons" to conduct their trade, and to draw billions in profits.  They have the obligation to help fund the infrastructure and tax base that they use.  If you still say no, then let's force Apple to build their own electrical grids, water supplies, shipping defense military, etc.  Let Apple become their own legal world entity, a nation unto their own, and we'll see how successful they can be.  Dimwits, freeloaders, tax cheats.
    [Deleted User]xixo
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Yeah, go ahead, Timmy, relocate the damn company to Turkey.  Try and scam yet another nation out of paying your taxes.
  • Nancy Pelosi expresses disappointment over Tim Cook's GOP fundraiser

    Clearly Timmy is playing the return-favor game with Ryan, as Ryan and his buddies have likely given favor to Timmy and his offshoring of capital, among possibly other corporate and legislative favors.  As for all the Pelosi bashing, turn off Fox "News" for your "facts".  Pelosi actually presided over one of the most prolific and effective House legislative periods in US hhistory.  Compare that to the current joke of a Congress.
  • Apple announces water resistant iPhone 7: pressure sensing home button, dual cameras, jet black fin

    apple ][ said:
    I'm not in the market for a new phone right now, but damn, these new iPhones look great!

    I'm loving both of the new black colors!

    And all of the new features and improvements? Awesome!

    I'm serious, anybody who is disappointed in the new iPhone 7 is a complete fucking idiot or a useless troll.

    Apple hit it out of the ballpark with the new iPhones!

    I don't even care that they removed the headphone jack, since they even provide an adapter with the phone. I was one of the people who was skeptical about removing the headphone jack, but I listened to the arguments made on stage, and I suppose that it does make sense, since space is obviously at a premium, and you can't be hanging on to old tech forever.

    Except they left the bad location of the power button, established with the 6 series.  It's a big pain in the a$$ when trying to drop the thing into a pocket with one hand.  Physics dictates that an opposite force needs to be placed when pressing the power button, which is exactly the location of the volume buttons.  The button design means that instead of the phone shutting off as it goes into the pocket, it merely changes volume, then it happily pocket dials the entire contacts list.  Sucko design, wish they would fix it back to the Jobs-era power button placement.  Lots else is pretty nice though.  Honestly still not worth an upgrade from my 6-plus though.  Okay, go ahead fanboy trolls, give me the obligatory "Dislike" votes because I didn't fawn over Apple's new breathtaking amazement.  But seriously, no mention of battery life in the Watch?  Clearly means battery life still sucks, because they were all over battery life improvement in the iPhone description.  And the big opening for the event?  A Mario scroller?  Really?  Another endless scroller game.  Yay!  Um, Yawn...