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  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    Robin nailed it above. Buying a "new" iMac 21.5 gets you 2015 hardware, and slow notebook hard drive. For Fusion offerings a SSD "hybrid" HD where there is less than 1/5th the SSD portion of the faster 2013 models. You have to buy the middle model and upgrade it for another $100 to get the speed of a base 2013 model. Its frustrating to help my customers with these options. All this while my PC compresses video 3.5 times faster than an iMac and cost $900.
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  • Apple has 'great desktops' on Mac roadmap, CEO Tim Cook says

    nht said:
    stimpy said:
     I've seen it so many times and I have 8 adapters for my current stuff and have to go buy 6 more for USB-C. Losing a floppy is brave, making stuff where your two current products MBP an iPhone dont plug together with the out of the box items is just weird.
    Really?  6 more adapters?  Name them.  I bet there is a USB-C hub that replaces them with 1 unit.
    USB-C to TB,Ethernet,DVI,VGA,FW800, oh yeah and USB3. They are all in my bag along with more
  • Apple's 'Horizon Machine' iPhone calibration device coming to third-party repair shops

    This article should read "Authorized Service Providers" and not "Third Party Repair Shops"
  • Apple diagnostics software blocks third-party repairs of 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro

    For all of you kicking the non authorized service guys for not going legit, being a authorized service provider I specifically remember my rep. referring to an EXISTING authorized service provider wanting to open another service center. The service reps exact words were referring to WIlly Wonka, "why should we give him the golden ticket for another service location". And this was an existing authorized owner in the top 10% of the nation.  I think theres more to it than just wanting it. You must have an "in" at the top. The Apple promoters here just shouting in favor of Apple need to admit they are plants or get educated.

  • Apple discontinues Thunderbolt Display, no replacement announced

    Their head is so far up their *ss they use typical Apple "how to say no in a positive" "there are many great displays out there." Can you imagine going to buy a 3K Mac Pro at a retail store and they will be programmed not to tell you which monitor to buy unless its on the Apple Store website. I remember buying a new Mac when the Studio Display were discontinued and this was before the more aggressive employee programming.  They actually told me to go buy a Dell monitor. Great I'm at Apple buying a mac and they are advising me to go buy a Dell monitor because the poor employees were left with nothing to sell and a bag of crap with cranky people like me.
  • Some Mac Pro support pages archived by Apple, will no longer be updated

    If you one of the 29 people who bought one I bet your upset. The 300 US workers they hired to assemble it will be re tasked to process shipping iPads back to Asia to have broken screens repaired.