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  • Apple could and should make a larger iPad Pro but it probably won't be 15 inches

    The only iPad form factor I like is the mini 4... I just find all the others too heavy and awkward to use.  
    I want a smallish phone (no bigger than iphone 8) with a head phone jack.  
    I want lots of ports on my laptop computer including an SD slot and at least one type A usb 3 because Docks suck.. 
    The new apple tv is way too expensive for what it is.  
    Apple watch is the only product I am remotely interested in, but that's mostly due to my curiosity around the fitness and health monitors.

    I haven't purchased an Apple product since 2014 since they no longer make anything that I want.   I know that complaining here won't do anything but maybe.... 
  • New photos of alleged Lightning EarPods for Apple's 'iPhone 7' match recent leak

    flaneur said:

    cnocbui said:
    So when is the end of life for normal AC power plugs?
    Ha-ha, don't be obtuse. The 3.5 mm jack is a waste of space, period. There are only four contacts to be made in that gaping hole, while the much smaller Lightning jack is capable of 17, or actually more because pin selection is intelligent, thus the authentication chip.

    Engineers are compelled by natural common sense to design to the efficiencies available in current production practices. The user benefits by not having to insert a long clunky plug with balky detents. Apple's Lightning plug insertion experience is infinitely more finessed. 
    Ha-Ha, Don't be a tool, the headphone jack is small, easy to use, and functional.  
  • Two-thirds of US iPhone owners have a 2+ year old device, are prime for upgrades

    If there's no headphone jack there will be no sale to me. You can do all the mental gymnastics you want and make whatever decision you want. For me and millions like me, a new phone without a headphone jack is less useful than an old phone with one.
  • Developer Feral Interactive dishes on Apple Metal graphics pros and cons

    Apple should update Open GL.

    Obviously, by not updating it Apple encourages development on Metal - which is better.
    But bad for developers since it makes lot more work to support both ios and android.   Plus not updating  it creates ill will... Apple's hubris used to just be annoying, its been getting infuriating lately.  
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' chassis shows symmetrical speakers, lacks 3.5mm headphone jack

    Disappointing if true,  The headphone jack is one of the most important features to me.... Way more important than the camera...  I use it hours every day in multiple locations, connected to different devices (car stereo, large quality headphones I keep at work, small ear buds I use for working out, and multiple home stereos depending on what room I am in). 

    No other audio interface will suffice,  I am not willing to sacrifice the quality & convenience of a traditional headphone jack, I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy several dongles or spend hundreds of dollars to change my audio equipment,  And I am not willing to carry a dongle with me at all times. 

    Its a simple, ubiquitous, quality, standard, with no peer.   Its not like the floppy disk, its not like fire wire.

    So if these rumors are, true my next phone will be an android.

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