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  • How Apple Silicon Macs can supercharge computing in the 2020s

    k2kw said:
    blastdoor said:
    The title is about the future, the content about the past.

    Here’s a thought about the future — I wonder if “desktop AI/ML” will define the Mac of the 2020s the way desktop publishing did in the 80s. 

    Combine user friendly tools for training models with your data with uniquely powerful hardware. Train on Mac, deploy on iPhone 
    Yeah, I read through all that to only get 5nm.   But one thing is guaranteed-this is about PROFITS.   I'm sure Desktop ARM chips will be cheaper to make and will have greater profit margin.    I'm hoping Apple tries to increase its volume but won't hold my breath on this.   With the move to an arm based architecture I am expecting macOS to become more iPhone/ipad like as they share a common software base.  SuperOS for the future.

    DED is usually very good a reiterating the history of Apple's rise to dominance, but doesn't have the same track record with prognostication about the future.
    I think this is mainly about CONTROL over as many aspects of the platforms as possible. 
    That control gives Apple more freedom of choice of how and when to implement new features to help differentiate from competitors. 
    Profits will come, but just as a consequence of that control. 
  • Incoming Intel CEO demands better chips than 'lifestyle company in Cupertino'

    “ The previously dominant processor giant is slipping into obscurity fast, and the new CEO hopes the company can change course soon.”

    That is some grade A hyperbole. Intel certainly has some issues and is facing challengers in a way that it hasn’t in some time. That said they are still the dominant player in the processor world and are nowhere near obscurity. Their closest rival, AMD, doesn’t do anywhere close the volume that intel does. 

    What Apple is doing is largely irrelevant to Intel since Apple doesn’t sell their chips to the broader market. So even though Apple Silicone can out perform Intel it is only relevant to the Apple ecosystem which is just a tiny fraction of the broader chip market. 
    Apple’s M1 is irrelevant to Intel in absolute sales numbers, but it gives clues to others about leaving Intel chips.

    Microsoft already has versions of Windows running on ARM for some years. If other hardware makers have ARM options nearly as good as M1 on performance and energy efficiency I think many would switch.
  • Google tries to fight wide ARKit compatibility with its own augmented reality initiative A...

    Once more, Apple shows how to do things the right way. Deliver the best user experience even with the existing hardware.
    Years ago, Google bet on future hardware, but that future is still too far away.