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  • Apple's likely 'AirPods' headphone trademark obscured by shell company

    xmhillx said:
    Applemos said:
    Back in the day I might have disagreed with you here. But what you say actually makes sense. I'm not one of those people wo believes that Steve Jobs was all-knowing and perfect. But under his leadership these type of questionable business-decisions was held off in order to facilitate real change when they were due.

    Apple has a long history of creating inconvenience for their customers who adopt their technology first, but from a longer perspective they were forward-thinking. I do agree with you that the change is coming, no matter if it creates inconvenience or not.

    The rumors now are a bit scattered, but some people are speculating that it might just be a pair of earpods with a lightning-connector. Or that they'll ship it with an adapter. I'm just asking if they are doing this one year too early, before they really introduce the game-changing technology that goes along with this change?

    I'm thinking, just like you, BT-chordless airpods, and wireless charging. But that might be an entire year away.

    Of course there's a LOT to concider in this decision. Not the least that 2/3 of the revenue of the company comes from the iPhone-production. They NEED to churn out new models each year to keep the investors happy. This is where I see a big difference in how the company is run, now compared to then. It used to be that they released new products when they really believed that they would improve peoples lives, not the shareholders wallets. A big departure...

    I guess that's why we've seen some less than stellar products from Apple over the last few years.
    Agreed. Apple could probably wait a year to ditch the 3.5mm port. But conversely, removing the port could be a differentiating factor from last year's model so they could claim that difference to satisfy investors' demand for new models yearly like you said. 

    I'd be happy if they waited a year and hit a triple home run with removing the port, distance wireless charging, and Bluetooth 5.0 built in to both the phone and earphones. I guess we'll see in September, right. 
    According to all the recent leaks it seems more or less set in stone that the 3,5mm jack is gone from now on. And yes, as you say, that could be argued to be one of these years USPs, but I'm not entirely sure that it is a selling proposition to begin with... The neverending quest for making the thinnest phone on the market has basically started to become laughable when there's a camera-bulge the size of a smaller mountain on the top of the phone.

    The ONLY good thing that could come from ditching the port this year would be to make it water-resistant.

    But yeah, that's my two cent, and we'll see in September :)
  • Rumor: TSMC to be exclusive manufacturer of both Apple's 'A10' & 'A11' chips

    brakken said:
    Good. Go suck it, ss.
    Congratulations, TSMC!
    Seriously?! You're THAT invested in the component-makers of the iPhone?
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' leak offers crystal clear look at larger single-lens camera, tweaked antenna lin

    My god, this is even uglier than the already ugly iPhone 6. I wish they could go back to the flat camera design, like they had in the iPhone 5 and SE.