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  • Here are the five biggest iPad Pro problems, because no device is perfect

    I have both a MacBook Air and an iPad Air 2.

    Gave serious thought to switching over the iPad as my main computing device.  However, what held me back were several things.

    1.  The typing experience is far better with a laptop than with the cobbled together external keyboard-iPad combination.

    2.  The combination of good keyboard, indeed, a real keyboard, and a good trackpad and/or mouse cannot be replicated--YET--with an iPad.

    3.  I use Word and Excel extensively with both customized greatly (something far less possible now in the latest versions even on the Mac)-- and I use the trackpad or mouse all the time.  Both keep me sticking to an older MBA.  (I have tried Pages and Numbers and while they have some good features, the overall experience and capabilities are lacking in comparison to decades of Office use.)

    4.  I am able to fully backup my MacBook Air (Carbon Copy Cloner) and know that, if disaster strikes, I have a *complete* full restorable copy of my hard drive.  

    Alas, one cannot do that with an iPad.  There is no complete backup from the iPad to a drive (or the Mac).  Instead, one synchs via iTunes, which is only a partial backup and gives priority to what's on the Mac.  I cannot, e.g., have *ALL* my photos, ebooks, etc. copied to the Mac; instead, I have to sync them in a process that can be quite convoluted.  I have ToDo apps, news reading apps, and ebooks apps that do NOT make mirror copies of all settings, bookmarks, categories, etc.  You may wish to blame the developers, but Apple should provide a way of backing up the ENTIRETY of an i-device to a Mac or hard drive.

    One could respond by suggesting using iCloud, but I do not want my taxes, business and medical information, personal letters, political material, private notes, etc. stored on a 3rd party server.

    Apple needs to create a Carbon Copy Cloner type app that will make an exact duplicate of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad on a Mac or external hard drive.

    5.  For many people, an iPad is fully-functional, useful, computer, one that takes care of everything they need.  For me, it is an excellent complement to Mac and even does many things much better--ebook reading, newspaper reading, tech forum browsing (but not commenting), running various apps pertaining to my hobbies, etc.  But neither can substitute for the either!
  • Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...

    One observation about all this.

    In the iPad line-up, Apple sells the recently upgraded iPad Mini for *MORE* than the new iPad 2019.  So, there's no reason that Apple couldn't charge a premium for a smaller iPhone SE 2 with newer tech than the iPhone 8.  

    Indeed, I'll predict that’s exactly what they're going to do!
  • Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019

    So, where is the test of battery life?!

    The iPod Touch is the *ONLY* i-device that Apple doesn't provide Wi-Fi battery life specs for...

    Wonder why?!  Could it be that, like the IPT 6, the battery life is *dismal* when it's on WiFi?

    Please test and report a comparison for us.  The battery life for the iPod Touch 7 could even be worse given the faster CPU!

    The iPhone SE is a much smarter buy!
  • Up to 143M US consumers exposed in Equifax hack, could impact iPhone buyers

    It's pretty clear that merely going to that webpage to check on your account commits you to nothing!

    The Terms of Usage quoted above clearly states that one is permitted to "register for and purchase any product from this site":


    It continues


    If someone checks their status, they have NOT registered for or purchased any product from the Equifax site, they have not submitted any order, etc.

    In fact, anyone who goes to that website never receives any terms to agree to, so that nothing can be construed as a contract.  

    The more serious issue is that even that website is insecure!

    Has anyone seen the terms of the 1-year monitoring?  That's the scarier, more outrageous "solution" if, indeed, it includes waiving your right to sue!

    Freeze, baby, freeze!   Of course, even freezing an account can require agreeing to waive your right to sue.  If so, lawyers and Congress should get involved and put an end to it-- let's hope they do!

  • Ralph Nader once again assails Apple's stock buybacks

    Back when the environment really was a disaster, and the bulk of the third world was living in abject poverty.“

    The planet's on fire and most of the “third world” still live in abject poverty!

    Glad to see Nader still active, challenging corporate power, and making cogent critiques.  The status quo still supports capitalist inequalities and greed over responsibility and community.

  • Apple's decision to 'break' FaceTime in iOS 6 injured owners of older iPhones, class actio...

    Why is this lawsuit happening now?  It's been *years* since iOS 7 was introduced — and years since the iPhone 4 first ran into this problem.
    curtis hannahwatto_cobra
  • Tim Cook supported Apple's legal team after 'very ugly' iBooks lawsuit

    lkrupp said:
    As Apple fanboy believing in the ethical Apple, this shakes me a bit, I must admit.. They are not into illegal stuff, but into 'barely legal' stuff.. I don't like it..
    So you just now fell off the turnip truck? At the end of the day Apple is a corporation who’s existence is dependent on satisfying investors and customers, just like very other corporation. You and I do “barely legal stuff” every time we exceed the speed limit, “forget” to report some income to the IRS, or jaywalk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking up to the line and taking a peek.

    “You and I do “barely legal stuff” every time we exceed the speed limit, “forget” to report some income to the IRS, or jaywalk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking up to the line and taking a peek.”

    Hardly “barely legal” stuff — it is illegal.  Plus, speak for yourself.  If you are “forgetting” to report income, you are a scofflaw, a law breaker, and costing the rest of us.  If you jaywalk and break  speed limits wantonly, you are crossing the line, not walking or driving close to it!

    The law should not be used as a cover for skirting the law.   I agree with Charles 100%.  It was appalling to read the lawyer's statements; indeed, one wonders if it won't lead to an ABA or state bar investigation.

    Note:  Just because there are investors doesn't mean that anything goes for them!  The SEC has rules you know!

    As your case, hope the IRS and the local police catch you and dole out consequences.  
  • Watch: Apple's 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar vs. 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro in performance

    spheric said:
    tommis said:
    Second time you've spammed your ancient-trope-laden piece of **** article. 

    **** off. 
    Real mature comeback.  Vocabulary problems?!  Many of us would rather NOT read crude language and four-letter words when browsing tech comments.  

    Keep your audience in mind-- such language undermines whatever case or point you're trying to make.  Others offered a response and critique with details and real thoughts!