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  • 'The Banker' cast and crew defend Apple TV+ film amid abuse allegations

    The issue of abuse is between Cynthia Garrett and her half-brother Bernard Garrett Jr. who also was a film producer on the project. That is where the issue should remain. Others may be empathetic and even sympathetic but cannot be allowed to be culpable and cannot have their efforts and talents voided. Attention and effort must be directed at the two specifics and to do otherwise is to spread the abuse too broadly and too unfairly. The consequence must fall where it belongs. Unfortunately, an element of panic is engendered when accusations of abuse are made and societally we accept blame rather than addressing the specifics. This broad brush painting taints both the guilty and the innocent and simply intensifies the original abuse.
  • Genius Bar doesn't hire retired Apple engineer, fires up age discrimination debate

    A cursory look into any Apple Store impresses with youthful appearance. Once one figures out who the staff is, one realizes that not all young people work as Baristas. You don't have to be a tech genius to work in an Apple Store. Certainly you have to know the products and that is where the youth part is useful. Young minds are malleable and imprinting the Apple culture on these developing minds is more successful then on an experienced and critical one. I'm sure that some of the people behind the Genius Bar have a tech background but it's basically a customer refund service. Knowing how to read and interpret a service contract is more important. The basic theme of an Apple Store is to keep it bland and sanitary so that the sparkling Apple screens will stand out.
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  • Apple suggests that it has permanently exited the stand-alone monitor business

    Apple needs to focus on matters that it understands, innovation in computers. There is nothing exciting about a TV screen. The numbers are confusing and nothing can be done with the design. Remember, the first part of Apple's strategy is to design progressive hardware and software. The second part is to design it in a seductive way so that form and function grab us. You may have noticed that they have slowed on both but especially the form. Like it or not, the pot needs stirring otherwise, the fickle consumer will run off towards the next shiny thing.
  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    In the end, all this is Apple trying to avoid paying taxes, something all of us do compliantly without begging for exception. Apple and other Corporations are simply moochers of a countries wealth whether that be the consumer's dollars or the consumer's labour. They are transient welfare bums.