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  • Reddit client Apollo is shutting down on July 1st -- please decline your refund

    It's your choice to not get refunded of course. But we all agree that declining the refund is the respectable thing to do.
    No, Not WE all. You do, obviously, but many others, do not. As evidenced already in the few comments posted thus far.
  • TikToker shocked by high Verizon bill over 'free' Apple Watch promo

    If only Apple Watches with cellular capability were somehow marked, like maybe with a different color, so that they could be differentiated from non-cellular models. Oh wait...
  • Apple Music-streamed Astroworld crowd crush kills 8

    Seems way more likely that it's the spiked drugs than from surging crowds....
    williamlondon12Strangerssuddenly newton
  • Telegram app update was held up over iOS-inspired animated emoji [u]

    "enriched their ecosystem..."?!?!?!?!  There is no way he could possibly say that with a straight face.
  • Secret party app Vybe Together says App Store ban was 'political'

    docbburk said:
    It’s called Public Health!!  It’s not political.  Your company endangered thousands with your reckless promotion of illegal parties during a pandemic!  Be happy that you didn’t have more significant consequences.  You clearly demonstrated your disregard for public health.  Nice try with the Monopoly BS.  Enjoy life stuck on Android and find some ethics
    If you believe that, then Apple should have banned Tinder, Bumble, etc. because far more people were "disregarding public health" by hooking up through those apps than anything Vybe Together would have hoped for in their wildest dreams...
  • Justice Department lawyers are 'scrutinizing' Apple's App Store payment policies

    DAalseth said:
    castcore said:
    DAalseth said:
    How they pay has nothing to do with building a secure "walled garden".
    Alternative pay systems and something less than the 30% cut should have happened before now. In addition, but related to the alternative payment system issue, is that Apple grabs 30% of sales on things bought with an App even if it has nothing to do with Apple, subscriptions, services, and such bought directly from a 3rd party, but using an App that once upon a time was loaded from the AppStore. This is abusive and I would expect the DOJ to come down hard on it. 

    And Apple has only themselves to blame.
    Why should Apple allow these Apps to be In a store they setup for free? So if no 30 percent flat fee, maybe they should charge rent for being in the store monthly?

    this is like you telling your landlord you feel like you should only pay half of the rent he wants. What will he do if you say that? Report you to collections and evict you!
    If you want to use a rent analogy how about this.
    You rent a store front to run your business. But the landlord wants a cut of your sales. You sell more and they get a bigger slice. Oh but the landlord gets to tell you what upgrades you can charge for and what you have to give away for free. Oh and the landlord also gets a cut of your sales even if they come out of your home office and not the store front you are renting.

    See how abusive this is?

    Stores in malls often pay the mall a cut of their sales. And yes, those malls get to say what you can or cannot sell which is spelled out in their lease terms, and can tell you what you can and cannot do with your space. Apple doesnt' get a cut if you sell outside of the app store, so that part is not applicable. But yep, just like a normal store otherwise. 
  • New Beats Fit Pro feature active noise cancellation, H1 chip for $199.99

    geomac25 said:
    Sounds like a Winner, but, can you charge the case wirelessly?
    No you cannot.
  • Apple will issue iOS update to appease France over RF exposure row

    petri said:
    As always AI falls over itself to defend Apple, but a reading of 5.4w/kg does not just “slightly exceed” the legal limit, it’s 35% higher.  Regardless of what margin there may be between the legal limit and a harmful effect, ignoring it to the tune of 35% is unacceptable.

    They made up their own testing protocol. Apple used and passed the standard testing protocols. As usual, it's France that's being ridiculous.
  • Coalition for App Fairness doubles in size one month after launch

    mobird said:
    Good for Down Dog Yoga as it relates to refusing to implement the app purchaser being auto-charged after free trials end. But we know that Apple is the final word and regardless of DDY's "principled" stand, they ultimately have to adhere to Apple's TOC's.
    That's how free trials work pretty much universally. There would be a lot more than 40 developers upset with Apple if the free trials did not automatically roll over...
  • FAA announces agreement with AT&T, Verizon on 5G expansion

    jimh2 said:
    Is this the same FAA who claimed the 737-Max was a safe airplane -- because Boeing said it was?
    All the more reason to be extra cautious. Airlines don’t fool around with safety and hope things will work out. Anecdotal stories mentioned by others are not science. 

    Unless they're named "Boeing"
    Apparently you don't know the difference between an airline and an airplane manufacturer...