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  • Watch: All the details about the iPhone X that you may have missed

    Things not mentioned:

    - Beyond Gorilla Glass 5. Apple got first access to the next generation of Gorilla glass as a result of their $200 million investment in Corning. Apple claims the glass is reinforced with metal.

    - First ever support for QZSS and Galileo satellite positioning in a consumer device that's I'm aware of. Provides for military grade GPS tracking. 

    - new generation haptic Engine 

    - Advanced AR technology built in with both rear cameras individually calibrated for AR. The front facing camera amd sensors have also been designed specifically for AR applications.

    - 3D tracking using the front facing TrueDepth camera and sensors for a range of new applications. 

    - Should have put more emphasis on the Hardware Noise Reduction feature. Biggest breakthrough in mobile camera tech in years

    - should have emphasised the 2436x1125 resolution -  the best resolution in the business. I know Samsung claims the Note has a resolution of 2960x1440 but that's not exactly the case. Samsung by default turns down the resolution to 2220x1080 (which means the iPhone has a better resolution in real life use).

    - Should have put more emphasis on the Dolby Vision and HDR10 certified screen (which means true color reproduction and better visual richness and detail than both Galaxy and Note even with technically less PPI)

    - True tone display (adapts display to ambient lighting conditions to retain color reproduction accuracy)

    - Real time motion and scene analysis for optimal video recording

    - This was shown but not discussed. Visual battery status indicator for all connected devices via iPhone screen on the Airpower accessory. This is also the first time anyone has figured out multi device charging on a single Qi charging mat. 

  • Epic vs Apple suit finally ends, as Supreme Court refuses to hear both appeals

    How does Sweeney keep his job at this point? The losses as a result of removing Fortnite from iOS have got to be in the billions of dollars by now, in addition to the millions in legal fees; and it was all for nought. Surely his one man crusade will not be looked upon kindly by his board and investors. 
  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    Aladick said:
    Thank you for saying this out loud, William.  Good grief that was brutal.  As I mentioned in another post "saving the planet" isn't a selling point for me when it comes to purchasing an iPhone.  And is it just me or are my white colleagues being excluded from every photo shot and from being presenter?  Blacks and Asians must represents the majority of the populace here in the states.  Apple thinks they're being clever.  Nice try.  Just more virtue signaling like what was done with "Mother Nature".
    Oh good. One of these guys (insert rolling eyes emoji here).

    I think you did more to bring down the article than everyone else combined. I assure you William will be absolutely despondent at the fact that his one supporter in the comments section was you. Good job. 
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  • This may be the best look yet at the iPhone 15 color assortment

    darkvader said:
    Three off-whites and a pink.

    Black it is.  No other options.
    Even the pink is an off-white. Why is the company that made colours in tech famous so allergic to colour? 
  • Apple's macOS 15 to get rare cognitive boost via Project GreyParrot

    Please allow multiple calculators at once. Since you can’t open multiple instances of an app on Mac I’ve always felt that allowing multiple instances of the calculator from within the app as a separate window has always been a big missing feature. 
  • Embarrassing Qualcomm ad claims 'I'm a Mac' actor is switching to Windows ARM over notific...

    Probably should have just googled the Do Not Disturb button before going all in on a $2000 downgrade.
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  • You might be ready for side loading on iPhone, but your parents aren't

    Idea: During set up process, iPhone will ask you if you want to allow third party app stores with a warning of the risks. If you choose to proceed, iPhone will “jailbreak” your device via a baked in process to allow third party access. If not then your iPhone stays safe exactly the same as what it always has been. This can also be enabled/disabled through iPhone settings. 
  • Apple Vision Pro will get a polish, not an overhaul at WWDC

    Am I the only one that thinks that AVP has the most to gain from a a new AI Siri with ChatGPT 4o integration? A conversational UI is the holy grail for a device like the AVP. It would be fundamentally transformative for the AVP form factor and would make it infinitely easier to use and navigate the system and to get things done. 

    For example, “open the Mount Hood environment, start my podcast, set my windows up around the house the way I had them yesterday and then search for that .pdf file I was working off on Friday about new product strategies. Make a spreadsheet and line chart from the projections in it and then email that to Tim. Then set up a FaceTime meeting at 11am and send the call link to my work team. Once that’s done open up a word document and begin taking dictation”.
  • 13-inch iPad Pro review: hardware of the future running software of the past

    Honestly, if Apple just introduced resizable floating windows, Exposé and Finder to the iPad OS, that’s 90% of people’s complaints about iPad already taken care of. 
  • Apple Vision Pro will be the platform for the killer VR app, not Meta

    rue said:
    " if you thought Apple TV+ was largely an effort to compete with Netflix in selling subscriptions to access large quantities of low quality shovelware entertainment, you were no smarter than all the analysts!" That's right!  ---- I think that there may be a market for spatial video that does not require writers, actors, and expensive production. Think of all those unable or unwilling to travel but who might enjoy an experience in foreign, exotic, or simply different locales. I would enjoy a walk through the Scottish highlands, a stroll through the streets of Paris, Istanbul, Beijing, or many other city. I would like an experience that puts me in a canoe in the Boundary Waters, or on a raft in the Grand Canyon. Such videos do not require a story line, a narration, or other intrusion, only the ambient sounds. 
    Imagine this for ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Sengoku era Japan, the Aztecs. Or even 180° movies where you don’t so much watch a scene as step into it.