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  • Apple designer Jony Ive defends ditching home button, other tech in interview about iPhone...

    macxpress said:
    Apple execs like saying "it took courage" to do something. That's what they said when they removed the SD card slot from the Macbook Pro. I guess it took courage to ship a $3k under powered Macbook Pro that can't be upgraded... ever.
    Thats also the best selling Mac laptop...EVER! Take your whiny bitching elsewhere....Try MacRumors. They're good for that kind of thing. 
    Dells actually sell better than Apple laptops. That does not mean they are better.

    The latest Macbook Pro is a complete failure

    What is scarier, is that Apple keeps making excuses and failed to recognize the failure of the latest Macbook Pro.
    -No mag-safe (best feature ever)
    - Less ports
    - Less connectivity (multiple adaptors needed and you cannot connect your own iphone)
    -So called Pro, but do not have enough RAM
    - Not able to upgrade it. (soldered components)
    - problems with Battery.
    - Overpriced.

    It is also scary that the entire computer line up has not been updated.
    - Mac minis
    - Mac Pros (another big failure)
    - iMac (although they updated the internals, the design has been the same for how many years now?). Compare to the Surface Pro, it is a joke.

    So much for Apple innovation... it died with Jobs...
  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    anome said:

    It doesn't really matter what Apple does at this point. Someone's going to complain.

    Apple are kind of stuck. If they hadn't released the new shell, they still couldn't have put 32GB of RAM in, so people would still be complaining. Then, when they did release the new shell, even if it had 32GB RAM as an option, they would have copped all the flak about USB-C/TB3 and dongles. So, by releasing the new shell now, with the new ports, they cop flak for both of those things, which hopefully will have died down by the time the next version, with Kaby Lake and LPDDR4, comes out.

    The other thing that bothers me is all the people complaining "After 20/30/40 years using Apple products, I'm now going to switch to Windows/Linux/an abacus" as if we (or Apple) should care. It's perfectly legitimate to say "I don't like it, I'm buying something else", but that's just your decision. Likewise my decision to buy it because it has a bunch of neat features is just my decision. Apple will look at their sales figures at the end of the quarter, and decide whether this was the right model to bring out, they're not going to listen to a bunch of people whining on the internet about it. (Nor will they listen to a bunch of people on the internet praising it as the greatest thing ever.) Spending ages whining about how Apple have failed you, and you now have to buy Windows instead doesn't really do anything other than make you look self-involved. The only thing Apple will care about is whether you actually go buy something else instead of a Mac, and then only if enough people do it to make a bump on their sales figures.

    It seems that you are NOT familiar what happen to the Mac PRO latest design. The round thing was a complete failure and very few people actually bought it. Leaving Pro users with no option. Many pro users are using iMacs, Modified old towers or Hackingtoshes.

    Apple can realease whatever they want, but do not call it "PRO". 
    The new Macbook design is a disaster and completely overpriced for what it is.
    It uses old Ram, it cannot be updated (RAM or SSD), they removed ALL the ports that we need (SD, USB, etc)...
    IN addition you cannot connect your own iPhone-iPad....

    If that is innovation, Apple is certainly going the wrong way. 
    It is such a failure that they needed to come and do damage control by discounting the adaptors...

    It is sad that Apple does not care anymore about its Pro users. They only care about making iphones and consumer products.
    Fastest Apple growing product category is Adaptors....pretty lame I must say...
  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    Schiller should be fired...
    If you have to defend the bad design features of a product, then the product is bad...
    If you need to come up with a lame damage control discount adaptor policy, then the product is worst...

    Schiller is putting lame excuse after lame excuse for the bad design of the Macbook Pro.
    We do not need 30 days of Stand by....
    We need 32GB ram.

    We do not need 5 adaptors to carry with the Macbook.
    We need to be able to connect the iPhone and iPad without them...

    Exactly the same thing happened with the Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is a complete disaster and it seems that they did not learn anything from that failure...
    Now They are discontinuing the Airports.

    IT seems that innovation in Apple is dead and they are in the path of self destruction. 
    They only care about making money with iphones...

    Pretty lame...
  • Apple cuts prices on USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 gear in response to MacBook Pro backlash

    If USB-c is the future, then why they did not delivered the iPhone 7 with a USB-C connector?

    Apple PR is o full of Kr4p....

    Just trying to make lame excuses for a bad design will not take them that far....

    Many long time Apple users (like me), sadly are now seriously looking at surface  and surface studio...
  • Apple cuts prices on USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 gear in response to MacBook Pro backlash

    A bad design does and high price does not please anybody....