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  • KGI: iPhone 7 demand has peaked, suppliers to revise down forecasts

    So what if it's peaked? The 7 and 7 Plus will likely be relatively flat in terms of sales vs the 6. The 8 will return to growth, likely followed by a decline again for the 8s. It's a mature market product. Why debate this ad naseum everytime an analyst makes such a claim?

    The iPhone is great effing product and Apple will make another 7 or 8 billion net even with flat sales. When did THAT become a bad thing? Just continue to make the best products. Focus on the customers, not the shareholders please Tim.

  • Samsung races to match Apple's iPhone 7 with new glossy black Galaxy S7

    You're probably right in saying it is more of a move to renew interest in the S7. And since the Jet Black iPhone is/was a success in terms of customer demand, why not use something similar? They might also get a few naive buyers who would have otherwise bought an iPhone.
    Agreed. Worldwide some of the other manufacturers sell phones, but in the US only two companies matter. 

    This is a move that I think would be a good one for Apple also (new colors later in the cycle). If the rumors of the Jet White play out, it would probably help keep the sales momentum for longer though the product cycle. 
  • Samsung buys Harman for $8B in deal that could pave way for 'Apple Car' competition

    It would appear that this acquisition is in line with Samsung's conglomerate approach. Neither Car Play nor Android Auto have any meaningful traction yet. But all cars will have some form of smart, touchscreen function that will be a prominent feature going forward.
    Probably just a way for Samsung to position themselves to be the biggest vendor of the infotainment center/cluster in a high demand market. After the Note 7 fiasco, they have probably realized diversification is the best path for them going forward. Particularly with the maturing smartphone market  
  • Samsung races to match Apple's iPhone 7 with new glossy black Galaxy S7

    I don't think it's accurate (this time) that they are copying Apple. For one, this is the same color that they offered with the discontinued Note 7, right?

    Seems like more of a move to maintain interest in a 9 month old device until their next flagship product launches. Besides they have already brought over a powder blue version from the Note 7. I think is more of the same. No new device, how about a new color..
  • Samsung races to match Apple's iPhone 7 with new glossy black Galaxy S7

    Soli said:
    FYI: Saying how much Apple stuff you've purchased is a huge reg flag when it comes to trollish behaviour. Maybe you're just trying to lorde over StrangeDays, but elitism is potentially worse.
    Fair point. Certainly not the intent of my post. (Fixed). Do you not fine it juvenile that any criticism of Apple or even fanboy rants, earns you the troll label? I'm new here. I'll adjust. I like how engaged other fans are here. Sometimes to a fault.  
  • Apple grabs record 91% share of global smartphone profits in Q3, analyst says

    I've never understood why we would celebrate the fact that our preferred brand makes more money than the competition in margins on the product that we are paying for. If we are shareholders, sure. But as a consumer, it's not something I'm ever proud of. 

    For one, this metric does not serve me in any way. Then again, I'm a fan of the product more than the brand. Personally I want the best product. The day that this is no longer the case, I would give something else a try. I suppose as fans of Apple products, we fall into one of two camps. Brand loyalists and product enthusiasts. I'm a bit more of the latter. 
  • Samsung races to match Apple's iPhone 7 with new glossy black Galaxy S7

    cpsro said:
    Apple's Jet Black is more than just a color. It's a finish. And it not only looks great, it feels fantastic.
    LOL..statements like this one will ensure that Jony Ive continues to do the promo videos at product launches. At least some fans buy into those spots.