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  • With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best alternative Wi-Fi routers for Mac users

    Ecosystem. As mentioned previously, everything Apple has relies on wireless to support the ecosystem. If they don't have a plan for replacement in some form/function, they are relying on some third party to dictate how their users interact with their own products - which is a heck of a step away from Apple's traditional stance of controlling the whole of a customer's experience.

    Until I see something definitive I'm calling this one misinformed. If it get's confirmed without a surrogate or replacement from Apple then I really question Apple's direction.
  • Hands-on with Apple's new Core i9 iMac 5K with Vega graphics: benchmarks and first impress...

    Im interested to hear about the thermal management comparisons between the Pro and this model. Particularly under heavy usage under gaming or video editing and coding. Any insights there?
  • Apple suspends sales of LG's UltraFine 5K monitor over hardware issues

    So much forest-for-the-trees nonsense going on, both here and at Apple.

    Apple succeeded in the past by controlling the ecosystem - hardware and software. And not just some of it - all of it. In doing so the whole customer experience was something a customer could count on. That things would just work. And well.

    Now that Apple is seemingly moving away from that, these kinds of issues are sure to follow. And Apple can't simply point at the supplier/manufacturer and say "It's their fault". Especially if Apple is going to actively promote this (the LG monitors) as their preferred solution. 

    Those of you that point to "niche" or "profit" or "economics" for Apple stepping away from monitors, routers, etc. are totally missing the boat - Apple will lose customers for these things because the ecosystem is incomplete and incompatible and nowhere near the total Apple experience that they have been known for.

    My first Apple product was the Apple II+ in 1978. I've owned or led the purchase of just about every model since. I've been an active developer program participant since Rhapsody. Despite the rosy economic numbers, Apple today across hardware and software (both released and in current beta that I've experienced) feels eerily like the way the Sculley/Spindler era progressed. I would love to see a surprise on the Hardware or OS front but Tim has been saying "we've got great products in the pipeline" for years and has yet to deliver anything that anyone could describe as truly groundbreaking.

  • With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best alternative Wi-Fi routers for Mac users

    Soli said:
    bluefire1 said:
    "Some fear has erupted at the news that Apple may be shutting down development of its own AirPort wireless routers."
    Key words: May
    There's no official confirmation from Apple about this happening in the foreseeable future, so I'll pay attention when the word "May" changes to "Is".
    Were you reading AI when they wrote a dozen plus articles calling the death of the Mac mini?
    First article on this topic. Paraphrased from another source.