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  • As legal spat with Apple continues, Qualcomm teases ultra-fast 1.2Gbps LTE mobile chips

    sog35 said:
    Apple tries to force its suppliers to reduce prices, which is fine, but what is not fine is it charges so much for it stuff to us. Hypocrisy. Can dish it out, but can't be on recieving end of its own tactics. Good for QCOM
    No is forcing you or anyone to buy Apple products.
    ^^^Exactly^^^ Paul, not doubt Apple makes literally tons of money in profits every quarter. They use the money to boost stock prices with buy backs (whether that is good or bad) but also dumps countless dollars into data centers (which it is building themselves due in part to privacy concerns from governments), R&D, as well as design and parts. When iFixIt says the parts to build an iPhone only come out to lets say $250, for some reason everyone things it shouldn't cost more than say $300 for the phone. BUT in order for Apple to have some of the best engineers, designers, and coders they NEED to pay these people, otherwise they go to Google or Tesla, which happens. R&D of new tech and new products is NOT CHEAP. You often get what you pay for and on grand scale what Apple charges for their products is not outside the same price range of other manufacturers. Yes there are cheaper phones, and computers, but a person pays more for a BMW or Audi, Tesla, or "X" Luxury car because more goes into it, and you expect more out of it. A person could also buy a Toyota Yaris if they don't care, have the money for a BMW, or EVEN LIKES and PREFERS the Yaris. Full disclosure I drive a cheap Yaris. :)
  • Consortium forms out of worries Apple could monopolize AMOLED supply with future iPhones

    hmlongco said:
    "Royole is already said to be expanding its AMOLED capacity to 45,000 units for 2017..."

    Are we sure this is correct? Apple sells 40-50 million phones a quarter. A manufacturer increasing production to 45,000 units is, quite literally, a drop in the bucket.
    This is most likely per day output, at that it would be about 16.425 million a year, not enough for apple AND other manufacturers who will want to use them.