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  • Hands on with the small and mighty 6th-generation iPad mini

    I sold my mini 5 a few months ago in anticipation of this one. I picked it up Friday.

    it is everything I expected but…not a huge amount more; and, in some ways, a bit less.

    Despite loving the great-looking new form factor I can’t help but feel the rounded edges of the previous design suited one-hand holding better.

    Relocating Touch ID to the side actually makes it harder as there is no visual indication as to where the button is (apart from the hard-to-see front camera).

    No Smart connector means there will never be a cute little keyboard similar to the ones for the Pros.

    And finally….the space between the icon grid and the bezels is huge! One more column of icons could easily fit each side.

    I’m a little underwhelmed but given the lockdown we are currently in (Melbourne) Apple have said you have until the stores open up for returns, so much longer than the usual two weeks. Hopefully more tinkering will get me used to these shortcomings!

  • Apple's live events are probably a thing of the past, and that's sad

    I couldn't disagree more. The pre-recorded demos are so much better. They cram in so much more information and we have no annoying woooooos and endless applause that tended to happen after every sentence during a live keynote...
  • Apple Music Classical begins rolling out to international users

    Actually the more I engage with the Apple Classical app the more it acts as a foil to the Music app. It's just light years better.

    The full titles and not truncating is the main difference. It's not limited by two lines as Apple Music is. I can see the full title of each song.

    Browse is also light years better. Objective breakdowns of Composers, Periods, Instruments (!) etc, rather than like in Apple Music, which is a presentation of genres and playlists I have no interest in (nor have any control over what is presented).
  • Garmin challenges the Apple Watch Ultra with new smartwatches

    I have an AWU - I chose it over my normal aluminium base model update as I hike and snowshoe a lot.

    I sold my Garmin GPSMAP66 handheld for funds to go toward the AWU purchase.

    I kind of wish I’d kept the Garmin. I’ve found the AWU is a really good Apple Watch, but a just-average tool for navigating and gathering stats for long trips.

    Apple really is not the “standard-bearer” in this category at all: navigation options rely on third-party apps and internet connections, battery life is still lousy compared with Garmins, and I can’t wear it over my hard shell jacket without turning off wrist protection, which exposes my data to anyone who happens to get access to the watch.

    It just isn’t there yet at all for what it has been marketed as.
  • Apple debuts third-generation Apple Pencil with USB-C charging

    Please - rewrite this article to reflect the Pencil situation. This is not the 3rd generation in the Apple Pencil line.

    I was incredulous reading the specs of this new Pencil and considering buying three or four ‘old’ Pencils with wireless charging for future proofing, until I read the comments, which clarified things.

  • Apple Music Classical begins rolling out to international users

    byronl said:
    dymmas said:
    You can’t download to listen offline.


    The app experience is great. Hopefully they adopt it for the Music app.
    How does the app experience differ to the Music app's?
    It doesn’t truncate the song title. Seems to scroll more quickly.