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  • Apple, NV Energy forge deal to build 200MW Reno data center solar farm

    They are farming the solar energy just as the plants a farmer puts in the ground farms the nutrients from the soil and sun. The fact that they don't need a "farmer" to harvest the energy from the collectors but rather a electrician doesn't mean that it can't be called a solar farm.
  • Apple's comments on future Mac Pro hint at possible virtual reality support in macOS

    The problem is that when I was at NAB event and went up into Samsung's and Oculus' booths to see what they had for VR it was a nice setup with a swivel chair and a person there handing out the VR headsets. You sat down put them on and selected like 4 different scenes, one was like an african safari and another was a surfing scene following a surfer as he went into a huge wave, and the other 2 I didn't watch so don't remember. Each video though had great sounds and swiveling in the chair allowed you to get the full 360 effect easily, but the Video itself was horrendous. It was like watching a 1950's technicolor produced show when you sat right next to the tube TV. The artifacting was so apparent and ugly that I couldn't think anyone who actually gamed with these would want to do so for maybe more than 10 minutes before moving on to something a whole lot better. My co-workers all agreed that even though VR was cool, we were not going to even think about putting out a product on it until it would get to a point where users would be able to have 1080p quality, which from what we could see is a long ways off. I think Apple is good for moving to AR which has much more practicality and is something which works and can be used now instead of waiting for GPUs from the vendors to get to where they need to be to make VR work like it should.
  • AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 8,' Mac Pro, Thunderbolt GPUs & more

    And in other news with MS coming out with an ARM based Win10 system based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 can we possibly see Apple move towards an macOS system based on ARM as well so that the A processors can be even better used and Intel doesn't have to be relied upon to update their processors every 5 years for Apple products? Just my hope and thoughts for future products. Maybe the Mac Pro can be Intel and the consumer iMac's use the ARM chips since if we can still run Win10 full apps (which is what some of us have to do at work since programmers haven't converted everything to Swift yet. :) ).