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  • Study: Apple Pay at 9% adoption in US, lags far behind PayPal and traditional payment meth...

    Apple doesn't do a good enough job of marketing the simplicity of Apple Pay. There should be ads running regularly during major sporting events etc. showing people using their iPhone and/or Apple Watch to pay for stuff.  And Apple should also work with all major retailers, banks and POS terminal vendors to remove all of the ridiculous PIN and or Signature authentications for Apple Pay on transactions less than $300.   I could see also having to enter a debit card pin for larger amounts, but biometric auth is more secure.  And a Signature for a credit card is useless.  You can scribble anything you want and it works.
  • Editorial: Apple's removal of 3D Touch is a backwards step for 'Pro' iPhones

    I think the comments are overstating this change by a lot. I have owned every model with 3D Touch. The jump to Haptic Touch on the new iPhone 11 Pro is not that big of a deal.  The only thing that I am quickly getting use to is having to use the spacebar to move the cursor instead of anywhere on the keyboard. But in iOS 13, it's much easier to move the cursor anyway.  3D Touch had it's own issues with pressure sensitivity.  I've not had any problems with touch misfirings, the flashlight turning on accidentally, etc.  

    Bottom line for Apple and myself as well, this change will please a lot more people because the battery is larger and now Haptic Touch can be implemented across the entire iOS/ iPadOS line.  In this way it can actually become useful to developers who can build universal apps to support long touch.  

    It might have been somewhat cost effective to put 3D touch in an iPhone screen but possibly cost prohibitive in an iPad Pro.  Now they don't have to worry about that and can focus on the software instead.