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    avon b7 said:
    Soli said:
     I would like to see Samsung churn out new technologies when they will not have anything to copy from Apple as Apple won't be sourcing anything from them in the future!

    Like the below, right?

    1. Super Amoled display in Samsung Galaxy Nexus in 2011, copied from iphone 8/X in 2017

    2. Large screen display in Samsung Galaxy Note in Jan-2012, copied from iphone 6 in 2015

    3. Stylus support in Samsung Galaxy Note in Jan-2012, copied from iPad Pro in 2015

    4. Split screen multitasking in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (released in Nov-2013), copied from iOS 9 in 2015

    5. Waterproofing in Samsung Galaxy S5 in Mar-2014, copied from iphone 7 in Sep-2016 (instead of Sony Xperia Z from Jan-2013)

    6. UFS internal storage in Samsung Galaxy S6 in Jan-2015, copied from iphone 6S in Sep-2015

    7. Dual Pixel camera sensor in Samsung Galaxy S7, copied from yet to be released iphone

    8. UFS card slot in Samsung Galaxy S8, copied from yet to be released iphone

    1) So AMOLED is an innovation for CE that only Samsung can use otherwise it's copying? Does that mean using LCD or even a keyboard on a notebook means Samsung is copying Apple because Apple used it long before Samsung was making laptops? Of course you wouldn't think that so stop making stupid comments.

    2) Now a larger display is a Samsung invention? Do you not realize how stupid that sounds?

    3) If you're going to say that the iPad copied a smartphone then you have to go back to point two and say that the 2010 iPad came before he 2012 Note so that means that Samsung copied Apple's iPad on the Note. Again, you wouldn't say that either, because it sounds stupid.

    4) You really have no concept of what adding a feature is v stealing IP is, do you?

    5) Ah, the Galaxy S5 that had a door over the USB port when you wanted it to be waterproof and even then it failed miserably with many tests. Even now, Apple user promises and overdelivers with their waterproofing claims, and that's comparing to new Samsung devices.

    6) The last three too ridiculous to even consider trying to respond, but I hope that one day you understand the difference between saying you have a feature so you can put it on a spec sheet and actually taking the time to engineer HW and SW to make an excellent experience for the user. For rational people who care about technology, that makes all the difference.
    His comment was fine in the context of the post he was referring to.

    There are far too many people that just repeat 'Samsung copied' this or that 'from Apple' without even the slightest care for reality.

    When reality is pointed out, those same people simply change track and throw the 'but Aple fully bakes its products before release' line which is as  equally untrue as the original claim.

    The true reality, minus distortion field, is that this is a pendulum that swings both ways and if you only look at it when it's in one direction you are on shaky ground if you start making copycat claims you will likely get shot down.

    Samsung has brought far more to the consumer and professional markets than Apple ever will simply because Samsung is a sprawling conglomerate that makes untold kinds of devices. Technology from some devices will logically seep into others.

    At some point there will be greater  (and more secure) convergence of those devices and it will no doubt be another new selling point for them. The same applies to LG. It's one of their strong points. All Apple can do if it doesn't want to make microwave ovens, 3D glasses, TVs, washing machines, components or whatever, is provide platforms (Apple Pay, the various xxxkits, etc) and hope people build for them and/or they are allowed into the other 'gardens' when competing platforms take hold.

    While they have their own multi million user base and cash in the bank, the short term looks rosy. I don't know what lies beyond the next major iPhone update but I do know that if someone does AI right, it will be difficult to compete with if they have a complete platform to integrate with.

    But to say Samsung just copies is woefully short sighted.

    This post makes great sense. The hypocrisy among fanboys are seen in great extent here. As if no one else but Apple innovates.
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    Nice deflection.