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  • Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably getting trounced by cheap Intel hardware

    Last week I bought a 1TB SSD and Mac Mini tools, watched the YouTube video, and replaced the hard drive.   What a difference it made!!!!   Things that took 10 to 30 seconds to open are up within 3 to 5 seconds.  Its super fast compared to what it was.  It’s like having a whole new machine.   Whatever Apple makes to replace it, I hope they just put an SSD in it.  FYI, the process to replace the drive is not hard but you do have to tear down most of the machine CAREFULLY which would be entirely unnecessary if you could just open the top cover!   
  • Apple responds to investor criticism over heavy smartphone use by children, says parental ...

    As a "tech-savvy" parent who tried to "do my job" of monitoring and configuring an iPad for the use of my child, I was very quickly scratching my head looking for the following. * Day/Time access schedules. * App blocking. * Internet filtering. --- Schedules were nonexistent, Total App blocking is restricted to "some" 1st party apps only - I could block face time but not messages or email. Other apps could only be restricted by content ratings that I don't control. Internet filtering was purely based aforementioned ratings... no provision for black or white lists. The only way to block you tube was to not install the app but even then they could access it via safari... unless I block safari but then they would have no internet browsing at all. Bare minimum doesn't even begin to describe what is offered. At least they restricted store and in app purchase options... eventually. And just to be clear, I'm purposely omitting any third-party solutions. I believe this should and in many cases needs to be provided by Apple due the level of system access required.

  • Apple responds to investor criticism over heavy smartphone use by children, says parental ...

    I so agree!   I had to replace Safari with a safe browser which helps BUT, the app makers figure out ways around it by embedding videos, hidden ads, and other things into their kid game apps.  Even if you get a parental controlled router, the kids figure out they can go to their friends house and connect to their unprotected Wi-Fi or switch to cell service.  Worse yet, a control on an iPad/iPhone won’t work on a MacBook.   I don’t expect Apple to love everything but more features in this area would be very helpful.  
  • HomeKit compatible Incipio CommandKit Smart Wall Switch and Wireless Smart Power Strip deb...

    These are the same products they promised at last years CES and never delivered.   I even asked them about it with no response.  Then they took the switch sales page down from their website.   Must have been harder to make than they thought...  
  • Yahoo reaches $117.5M settlement for data breaches affecting 3 billion accounts

    All this did was enrich some lawyers who will get 33 to 40% of the settlement.  There is no justice served since and no one will be held personally accountable.