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  • As Apple's GPU plans go public, Imagination fears becoming a tech orphan

    I think you need to edit a bit. Nvidia Tegra is hard to say its a failure. If you look at what it is in:
    • Nvidia Shield
    • Audi 
    • Nintendo Switch 
    • A few different phones
    I'm sure I am missing a few other products but you get the point. 

    If you look at PowerPC as a name has kind of lived on in the Power Architecture of IBM. 
    1983mwhite[Deleted User]jasenj1williamlondon
  • Why Apple's new GPU efforts are a major disruptive threat to Nvidia

    It's scary how deceiving the past few articles by you are. Not sure if you understand Nvidia as a company to be honest. You do understand at least the major working parts that are driving Nvidia's growth and potential future success correct? I'll assume not because of the article you wrote so here:

    • Consumer GPU's have been funding Nvidia's main revenue driver but powering the following stuff:

    • Highend GPU's for workstations and HPC (high performance computing) are very spontaneous blips in revenue but proving to drive wider adoption (data scientists now creating tools allowing more common people to tap into both workstation and home GPU, ie TensorFlow is a good example or CUDA based programming)
    • Changing form factors and building full scale embedded platforms (tegra, drive) 
    • Building a software ecosystem around Nvidia and CUDA (Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Advanced Rendering, etc)
    • Cloud Providers now lowering cost to take advantage of the above (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) now providing the average worker ability to use frameworks originally designed by people having access to very high end hardware now can rent it out cheaply
    • VR/AR growth being driven by GPU's ability to drive rendering at a speed to make immersion more viable 

    Are you starting to understand Nivida as a company and what is going on? I'll continue to be an ass because I don't think you get the concept of screen grabbing a point in time on a stock where a downgrade was announced and using that with no correlation to Apple dumping Imagination. 

    Apple and Nvidia are in very much different sectors and going after completely different land grabs.