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  • Docker reveals why its virtual machine isn't yet on Apple Silicon M1

    Eric_WVGG said:
    Even worse — Homebrew's package support is very, very spotty. This makes M1 Macs a deal-breaker for any serious web or backend developer until at least next summer.
    As long as docker works I’ll manage to live without brew till the summer - I’m keeping my Intel Mac until docker is fully supported 

    that being said m1 MacBook Pro out for delivery here in the Netherlands. Edit: I’ve been subscribed to the GitHub thread for homebrew and there’s tons of progress daily. You can expect all major stuff a pro web dev would use to be available very soon
  • Apple slapped with patent suit over Siri's natural language abilities

    Bombdoe said:
    Would Portal Communications, or anyone else, really know the actual systems/processes that Siri uses to do its natural language analysis? Isn't this hidden on the device and off-site servers? Plus there would be more than one way to do this.
    There is soooo much that is being used to construct a simple response from Siri or any other advanced NLP machine.. I don't think Siri is powerful (yet) so it could be that there is something they're using that someone else is, good luck proving that though. What is most interesting is the updates Siri will get with iOS 12. Based on the investment of resources Apple has allocated in creating the neural net for FaceID, I expect a HUGE movement forward with Siri, a decent update to SiriKit. Look at WaveNet.. Google's deepmind is SO good and it's 2018. So this patent suit, relevant or not, it's talking about ancient tech
  • Apple planning lower cost MacBook Air for second quarter of 2018

    Crappy display or not this is excellent. I recently acquired a full spec'd 11" (i7,8GB) . These are easily the best machines to work on 90% of the time. Apple needs to bring the power/battery balance of the macbook air to newer models, I feel like the 2016mbps are good (i'm writing from one) but power hungry because, well, pixels. I'd like to see how it would perform with a 2400x1600 screen edge to edge, a tiny bit thicker to accommodate a BIG battery. Make this 14inch in a 13inch footprint for me Apple
  • Tile launches Premium Protect with $1000 lost item reimbursement promise

    It's almost as if they're expecting a competitor to enter the market 🤡
  • Microsoft introduces Apple Silicon support in beta build of Excel for Mac

    I'm waiting to find out if there will be any way to run x64 software virtualized. I run a lot of server tools within Docker containers, and losing this would likely force me (and a lot of other developers) on to commodity hardware running Linux...
    Virtualisation is a need for professionals. Hopefully they won't be discontinuing Intel based pro models until everything that I can do an Intel CPU can be done on Apple Silicon
  • When will the 14-inch MacBook Pro arrive, now that there's a new 13-inch MacBook Pro?

    A new 14" macbook pro will come out in September. The new 13" with 10th gen + new keyboard will become the entry point for the line up instead of the top-spec. Then 14" will be the top-spec, hopefully with Ryzen 4800u.

    ARM will come to the 12" macbook.