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    I tested out the iPad Pro yesterday and wanted to share what happened when I tested the charging. I also posted this on MacRumors and wanted to pass along here. I tried charging the device from dead to 100% with a 29W Type-C charger I bought from Apple, plus a C-to-Lightning cable. I compared that to the results from the 12W charger that comes in the box.

    For the 29W MacBook Type-C charger with C-to-Lightning cable: the total charging time from dead to 100% was just 2 hours and 15 mins. That’s 48% less charging time than the 12W charger that comes with the iPad Pro!
    - Battery dead: [email protected]
    - 0%-~60%: [email protected] to 2A. Once the iPad is charged enough to boot iOS, it sucks max 2A but at 14.5V after a Power Delivery contract is in place, then it gradually decreased to about 1A over time when reaching ~60% full.
    - ~60%-~80%: [email protected] to 0.5A. The charging current decreased further to 0.5A over time as battery approached ~80% full.
    - ~80% - 100%: [email protected] 0.5A. The charging current stayed at 0.5A and the charging time was noticeably longer than that of when it charged from 0%-60%. It stayed at 0.5A at 100%.

    For the 12W in-box Type-A charger, the total charging time from dead to 100% was 4 hours and 20 mins.
    - Battery dead: [email protected]
    - 0%-~80%: [email protected] to 2.4A. Once the iPad was charged enough to boot iOS, the charging current remained at 2.4A, then gradually decreased to about 1.4A over time when it reached ~80% full.
    - ~80% - ~95%: [email protected] to 1.4A. The charging current dropped quickly from 1.4A to 1A when ~95% charged.
    - ~95% to 100%: [email protected] The charging current stayed constant at 1A and the final 5% charging time was noticeably longer, then dropped to a steady state 0.7A when 100% full.

    The iFixit teardown also mentioned this fast charging feature too, which is enabled by USB Power Delivery. though there's an extra cost it does charge the iPad Pro much faster.
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