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  • Apple's block of Xcloud & Stadia game streaming apps is at best consumer-hostile

    This article is extremely one sided. Who is to say that big game publishers wouldn't absorb significant numbers of mobile game developers to their own streaming platforms and practically deprive Apple iOS and Mac game stores over night. This is a standalone business model so you bet your ass that big game publishers or even new venture capital wouldn't try this. Not all gaming should work this way, mobile games should run locally so Apple is right and they cant open the flood gates by letting MS or Google do it.
  • Microsoft's new app store pledge preserves its walled garden on Xbox

    I believe the solution to everyones problem is for Apple to allow side loading so long as the 3rd party app store is subscription based only.

    I will now explain some aspects of why the subscription model can sustain both an open and walled gardened approach to a software marketplace: 

    1. App developers would need to coalesce into a subscription program. Apple would offer their own or they could join or build another.

    2. App developers could build their subscription service companies that target industries. 

    3. Subscription services would build value brands to maintain quality, security, and compliance standards.

    4. Since the subscription model rewards developers only when their apps get used it spurs internal diversification and hyperactivity in the developer space creating more and more demand for skills, training, tools, pay structures, licensing deals, everything. 

    5. Customers get less trash apps, more relevant higher quality app. More updates, and freedom to choose other app stores while maintaining security.

    Evrybody wins. Apple maintain the iPhone’s walled garden security. Apple competes with other app stores using more innovative strategies. Customers can subscribe to industry focused app stores. Developers get higher rewards and must continue striving to do better. 

  • Intel details Thunderbolt 4 spec, but 'Apple silicon' support is unclear [u]

    Wait, its going to be twice as fast as TB3? Bc TB3 runs external GPUs at 70-80% and up until now Intel has let the rumor mill run that 2x claim is based on a lower spec USB speed 3.1 effectively 40gbps which is what TB3 already does.... ??