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  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    I would agree with the lawsuit. The two factor authentication process is time consuming and inconvenient for the users.  
    Apple should work on another way to strengthen security. What happened to simple and intuitive philosophy of Apple’s? 
  • 2018 iPhone models to boast enhanced LTE transmission, support 4x4 MIMO

    Apple is right in optimizing the LTE technology to the maximum. For one, there is no 5G as of today. There is no standardization of this new 5G tech yet, no two companies are talking about the same thing when they are talking 5G.  Two, the cellular towers that are required to propagate and conduct the 5G signals are not yet installed and won’t be until 2019-2020. Therefore, what you are seeing in the news or reading in the articles are nothing but marketing stunts with experimental devices and a couple of testing stage cellular towers.
    Personally, my two cents, 4G LTE-advanced is going to be the leading technology for quite a while supporting gigabit speeds.  5G has some major standardization and technical problems to overcome like the higher frequencies allocated under 5G unable to travel farther and unable to travel through the walls, thus limiting it’s effectiveness in deployment. Future is combining and layering radio technologies like 5G alongside 4G and using MIMO, multiple liquid crystal antennas, more bands and more carrier aggregation. Just think of 5G as more stronger radio waves, which can also have a potential impact on your brain. So keep your tin foil hats ready and drink more water. After all, microwaves at your home are nothing more than 6G frequencies operating above 100Ghz of electromagnetic radiation spectrum, while 5G will be just under 100Ghz. 
  • FBI reportedly inflated statistics on encrypted cellphone threat

    Fear and paranoia of the people has been used again and again to encroach and then assert more surveillance and authority on private citizens lives for control and influence. This is nothing but continuation of the same tactics by the national surveillance apparatus. 
  • $29 battery exchanges for iPhone 6 and newer now available at most Apple retail locations

    For me personally and for millions of others, Apple didn’t just break their phones by slowing them down, they broke their trust. In legal parlance, this is called “planned obsolescence.”  If Apple really had their heart in the right place, they would have come out and disclosed immediately about their plans to slow down phones for whatever justified reason there might have been, not three years later after being caught red handed. I have been a life long Apple customer and now I have to watch over my shoulders dealing with Apple like I do with other companies. 
    It’s sad to say that many people including Apple insider can’t see pass their blind loyalty and call it what it is. “Planned Obsolescence” which has tarnished the company image and now trying to fix it with a $29 battery replacement. But for me it’s deeper than that! It’s about the trust lost in the one company that I could always trust to do right by the customers even when they were not looking!
  • Intel's next iPhone cellular modem could completely replace Qualcomm chips

    Koll3man said: Yeah big win for Apple, not so much for future iPhone users but who cares Qualcomm makes the best mobile phone modems? These are just unimportant details.
    Qualcomm delivering 1GB modem for a 150MB LTE phone isn’t all that much of a difference maker, when Intel delivers close enough. Doing the right thing and preventing scrupulous pricing by a scrupulous company like Qualcomm is more important.
  • Apple spent $60 billion with 9,000 American manufacturers in 2018 alone

    It doesn’t matter if Apple spends another $60 Billion in 2019 on top of $60 Billion dollars already spent in 2018 on American Manufacturers. Because they are not doing out of altruism but rather out of necessity. They wouldn’t have an iPhone if American Manufacturers don’t sell to Apple much like ZTE found out the hard way. 
    Secondly, the reason Americans don’t see this $60Billion dollars impact their economy in a positive manner is because even Apple’s suppliers and manufacturers don’t manufacture at home. They outsource to Asia and Mexico. Hence what Trump said was absolutely true “Apple benefits China more than it benefits US” regardless of how many numbers are being thrown around.