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  • The Apple versus Microsoft hardware double-standard rears up again with the latest Surface...

    I am stuck using a windows machine at work for a few projects but use my Macbook Pro for every labor intensive, My lenovo workstation at work three months out of the box had to be completely redone as some update cause the whole operating system to be completely rendered unusable and drive had to be reformatted and everything reinstalled a hassle indeed. That aside the same applications on windows and on mac from adobe just feels more polished and normal on the mac, i can open and process hundred photos at a time on the macbook but the windows machine photoshop freezes if i attempt to open more then 20 at a time.. everything just is quicker onnthe mac, even adding fonts, easy to find and install not always the case on the windows machine. Sure the Lenovo was cheap but it’s a 2017 model and can’t handle the workload that my 2011 macbook pro does.. Windows seems great for utilitarian work like office, accounting, email, gaming, but when it comes down to me getting photography, design and programming done that i solely do on the mac. Ill gladly pay more for a computer system that just works and needs very little maintenance over eight years almost now... My 2006 macbook still works just slow, i’ve never had a windows machine work longer then three years
  • The 2019 Mac Pro will be what Apple wants it to be, and it won't, and shouldn't, make ever...

    Just like with phones those who complain about Apples iphone not able to upgrade storage yet those who buy android for that reason never upgrade, people are either lazy or techinically challenged... I have only ever had the need to upgrade RAM on my Macs and harddrives on occasion when i owned a windows machine... i have a 2012 macbook ram upgraded to 16 gig, and an iMac ram upgraded to 32 gig, mostly to handle photoshop, aperature and lightroom photo manipulations.. Sure if i hit the lottery i’d get a maxed out imac pro and/or tower but i don’t need that kind of power. My macs seem to last me a decade as is. i just gave my niece my 2005 Macbook has 8 gig of ram and surprisingly still runs Adobe Suite 2018. 
  • Apple said to be cutting iPhone X production in half due to slow sales

    If they bumped the storage in the units to 256 and 512 gig, and lowered the price by a $100 i think the X phone would be far more appealing 
  • Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup may mark the end of the Lightning connector

    id prefer staying with the lightning, it’s pipeline for future speed and performance in my opinion is better then the usb offering... just as my firewire hard drives performed better then its usb counterpart years ago. 
  • Bogus hot takes about low iPhone X demand being repeated about iPhone XS

    i personally wanted the XS or the out going X model because of the dual cameras... that being said i need a new phone as my 6 is on the way out, i am holding off to see what possible deals might be offered by the carriers afte the Xr is released.. because we have 2 iphone 6’s on the way out replacing both most likely be the Xr model. but who knows might wait till christmas and get the Xs... i do wish these analysts would be discredited, that Kuo guy is always stating how bad demand is yet quarterly come out and apple hit target or surpassed it. makes me believe Kuo is shorting the stock
  • Another Apple supplier slashes revenue forecast, prompts speculation of weak iPhone demand...

    Those with extra cash bought the Xs n Xs Max.. those on a budget are waiting for the holidays and/or possible specials from the carriers. I myself have two aging iPhones and we plan on getting two new iphone Xr’s they’ll be an improvement drastically over what we have but not kill the budget. But we are waiting probably until december just as many of my friends.. i’m sure Apple will make nice profit this next quarter.. maybe not what the greedy as fck wall street people expect