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  • Editorial: Apple's waiting game on foldable iPhones is no surprise

    Kuyangkoh said:
    "Unfailingly, Apple is always either late or incredibly late to the party. In every single case, though, Apple is better."

    That is an old paradigm.  Things have changed.  Apple isn't the disruptor it used to be.  They were late to music streaming and after 4yrs  Spotify is still #1.  Their big hope is to try and bleed Spotify out of cash, as opposed to having a better service that everyone wants.  4 yrs into the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, they were the dominate player.  They were late the smart speaker market and got crushed by Amazon and Google.  They're late to the video streaming space and that looks like a major uphill fight.  They completely missed out on web services that turned Microsoft and Amazon into behemoths.

    Even on the products that they were early on, they're struggling.  Siri is way behind the other assistants and Apple TV became a high priced streaming box with minimal market share.

    I don't know if folding phones are the future.  I do know that Apple isn't competing against the likes of RIM,Nokia, and FitBit anymore.  They need to get faster at getting new products to market as well as faster at updating already existing products.  The game has changed, they need to evolve with it.

    Ehem, when you say crushed in speakers, you mean market share or $ income??
    Income on the speaker isn't important.  A speaker isn't an item that people will be purchasing every couple of years because of new features.  A speaker is nothing more than a delivery system for services. In the speaker world, market share is the only thing that matters.  Apple realizes this which is why they put Apple Music on Amazon and Google speakers.
  • HomePod sales up in fourth quarter, Amazon and Google extending lead

    genovelle said:
    Let see 38.5 million units sold.

    Amazon 13.7% (5,274,500 units) x $20 
    $105,490,000 Revenue
    Reasonable to assume less than 5% profit margins 
    $5,274,500 profit

    Apple 1.6% (616,000 units) x $349
    $214,984,000 Revenue 
    Reasonable to assume historic profit margins of 30%
    $64,495,200 profit

    Think I’ll hold my Apple positions.

    Those aren’t the percentages, they are units shipped in millions. 
    13.7 million x $20 x  5% =    13,700,000 profit
    1.6 Million x $349 x 30% = 167,000,000 profit

    So, it’s actually worse. 
    You're both missing the point.  The point isn't to make $ on the sale of the speaker, the point is to tie people into your ecosystem and sell them other stuff.  I believe that the average echo owner spends $700 more per year than does the average Prime customer.  It gets people to do things like get Audible books because they play on the Echo speaker.  They get you to buy Amazon Music.  Those speakers sales are a one time purchase.  People aren't going to be buying new speakers every year.  The upgrade is in the software, not the hardware.  Amazon is running away with home automation.  Apple has largely lost the battle for the home space
  • Disney+ streaming service to offer entire Disney movie catalog, including 'Disney Vault' t...

    MacPro said:
    Apple's streaming service is DOA.  There's no way they compete with this.
    Maybe Apple should buy Disney. ;)
    Apple doesn't want to buy Disney.  Can you see them running Amusement parks, Crusie Lines, and Resorts?  Not to mention, several tv networks.  Streaming is a smart part of the Disney empire.  Apple like to have a limited offering, hence canceling routers.  Running Disney would be a big problem.