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    Had the technology for a digital watch existed right from the start, it would have been absurd to create a round watch body/face, as there simply would have been no imperative to create a form so inefficient to the function of the timepiece.  Apple has simply set aside that im

    ents and the circular watch face those impose.  Today, traditional round watch faces are a cultural tradition, but culture evolves and so do forms and the fashions that reflect them.  Apple will not build round smartwatches, as they are not the appropriate form for the smartwatch paradigm.  It's just that simple.  The rest are doing so in order to differentiate from Apple and to take advantage of the existing cultural dogma.  The future will take care to correct their error."

    Considering how long there has been circular watches/clocks I don't believe that a digital design would be available for a very long time.  Just think of Big Ben on the Tower of London.  Circular is the best design for traditional time pieces - digital would look really dorky on the Tower of London.

    Another feature of the traditional circular hand design is that it tells. us how long after the hour it is and how long until the next hour.  If you can glance at a traditional watch and see it is, say, 5:40 you also simultaneous see it is 20 minutes to 6:00.  That "time until" can often be as important as the "time past".  Might be one reason why Apple provides for the traditional round watch face as the new era digital. 

    As far as the Watch 4 goes, my fo us is going to be advances/enhancements in the Health area.  I'll be 74 when it is released andI'm going to want all the information I can get.  

    I agree that a digital Big Ben would look dorky on the Tower of London for a few reasons:

    1. Big Ben is on Westminster Palace, not the Tower of London.  Would look strange to move it to the Tower.
    2. Any other clock would look dorky on Westminster Palace, since people come to expect a certain thing and a changed clock would break the now-established norm.
    3. A square, digital would certainly have looked dorky in 1859 when Big Ben was completed.  Maybe “dorky” wouldn’t be the right word so much as “magical,” or probably “possessed.”  People get used to a thing, and something that comes along and shakes their foundation scares ‘em.

    But true, I can see the logic of thinking Apple should emulate a 158 year-old clock with their newest cutting-edge timepiece.  If it was good enough for a couple centuries ago, it should be good enough for Apple.

    P.S. What’s the best way to display incoming calls on Big Ben?  You never know!
    Big Ben is a bell. It doesn’t have a clockface on it 
    Big Ben is an American football player in Pennsylvania. He is tall, but I have no idea what his relationship is to Westminster Palace, so you’ve lost me there. 

    Why not not just give him his own choice if he prefers a traditional round face watch or a square digital? There are plenty of options out there.