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  • Here's what it's like when Apple wants to buy your company

    After dealing with Apples Legal team for months, it’s something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, no matter what.  They can be a very, very aggressive force, with what appears to be an unlimited budget in dollars, attorneys, and time.

    And they will use ANY method possibly to win.
    The most polite way to describe them is that “They are NOT nice.“ I would prefer to use other words, but then this post would be blocked.

    They have changed my opinion 180 degrees about Apple as a company. And definitely not for the better. They can chew up small companies, and people very easily, without any regard for the companies, individual or families.

    And I don’t think that Tim Cook has a clue about how ruthless his company can really be.
  • New iPad and fifth-generation iPad mini on the way according to Russian regulatory filings...

    I heartily agree with Svanstrom, there are many people that want a powerful feature rich iPad in a small form factor. If Apple can do it in an iPhone, they can do it in an iPad mini.

    Powerful lightweight small form factor portable devices, are much more convenient for travel and everyday use.  The large iPads are still too bulky and heavy to carry around all day.

    An iPad mini with a better processor, and an enhanced display could be used in many professions as a regular tool.

    I’ve been waiting for one to appear for many years, and I’m sure that many others have been waiting as well. There is lots of pent up demand if Apple releases a decent upgrade.
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  • Here are all the big changes to Apple Maps from 2017 through 2019

    I’d be happier if it just gave accurate directions. Here’s a two recent examples..
    • Telling me to take the freeway when it’s all torn up down to the gravel, while the State of Michigan is completely rebuilding it.
    • Directing me to get off the road to take a longer road, of equal quality and speed, to then redirect me back on the same road in less than 300 feet, when the road I was on was shorter, faster and of the same or better quality.

    And it would also be nice if it knew about the speed limits, and either gave me an option to have them displayed, or provided an over speed indicator or audible warning. With settings similar to the recently departed NAVIGON App.

    And the issues go on, but basic navigation guidance should always be its primary function.

  • A brief history of the iPad, Apple's once and future tablet

    The iPad Mini could be their best iPad if only they would update it. It’s lighter weight and smaller size makes it an ideal size for many uses, that are more difficult with the larger iPads. Including traveling, reading, field work, early education for children, using it as a dedicated smart controller for equipment, etc.  

    However, the lack of updates considering its price, really hampers it’s sales. The iPad Mini performance/pricing ratio is miserable considering the $30 difference between it and the larger iPad, which has an A10 fusion processor and Apple Pencil support, while the Mini is still several generations behind in processor (A8) and without Pencil support.

    The features in the larger iPads are nice, but their weight and physical size is just too much for me to comfortably use. 

    I’d grab an updated Mini in a heartbeat if it didn’t seem like I was buying an outdated 3 year old overpriced product.  Sadly it seems that Apple is just letting the Mini die a horribly slow death. Steve Jobs would be ashamed to see this great product being so badly neglected.