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  • Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro

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    What i found rather funny is that shortly before i'd seen Linus post this video i had been having my morning coffee with a co-worker and for whatever reason i had been telling him about Linus' original video reviewing the IMac Pro (Which obviously lead to it's damage). 1 of the points he made, was that there is no video in. So down the line when you want to upgrade you can't even get extra use out of the machine by using is as a 2nd monitor. This is a rather deliberate choice by Apple to create Forced Obsolescence. It's rather shady and definitely Anti-Consumer. This issue he's now having has the same smell of even more Forced Obsolescence.
    Another load of BS, go back to PC land, you never owned a Mac in your own damn life and just spouting to hear yourself talk.
    Just because you don't like what i said, doesn't make it BS. It was the truth and a very good point that Linus originally made about the product. 

    Attacking someones credentials as opposed to the content of what was said is a terribly weak way to try and put forth an argument. I assume you have never made a single comment about any product on earth that you have never owned, that seems just a little unlikely.
    You are correct. It's not BS because he didn't like you said, it's BS because you're claiming that including a display in a product is "shady and definitely Anti-Consumer." Not liking what you said is a result of you writing a bunch of BS.
    You tried to compare an extremely pricey desktop PC to an apple watch, apples to oranges, to try and make a point that fits your own narrative. Sooooo who's talking BS? haha
    Oh, so this is now an issue about price? So you think the $10k gold Apple Watch (which far exceeds the base price of the iMac) should have a removable display but not he $350 Apple Watch Sport? Is that the narrative you now want to press about which CE products should be required to have certain components removable so they can be placed onto other products in the future they're above some price ceiling that you decide on a whim? Where would a MacBook Pro fall since they start and stop within the range of an iMac?
    You keep saying 'removable'. Please re-read my comment before making inaccurate assertions. And the apple watch stuff is just sillyness and you know it.

    Linus' critique was that a display input would allow you to use it as a standalone monitor once you've moved from from the current internals. You could use it as a 2nd monitor to go with your new IMac for example.
    Oh, I think I got it now. You think it's "shady and definitely Anti-Consumer" that Apple isn't building inputs on all their devices. So, I should be able to say, plug in an otherwise defunct PowerBook from 1995 into my MacBook Pro and use it as an external display? Well that sure seems useful and easy to engineer¡ What could go wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    You do realise that people can have differing opinions right? I get that you disagree and that's fine. But trying to make false analogies and misquotations to try and discredit someone else's opinion is really silly. Linus' original video was actually pretty fair and in general he doesn't play favourites, he's ripped a number of manufacturers on all sides of the fence. No one is without sin, fair critiques is how things get better for everyone.