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  • VMware ditches plans to support EXSi on 2019 Mac Pro

    VMware Fusion does not run on Apple Silicon today, but VMware has stated they are working on it. A blog post by their product manager says they have internal versions of it running. They also say they are planning a public beta. I’m keeping an eye on VMworld to see if they are going to release more details. 
    But set your expectations. When released on Apple Silicon, Fusion will run ARM operating systems, not x86. Same as Parallels. Which means existing VMs of x86/x86_64 won’t run. Both Parallels and Fusion are, after all,  virtualization products for a given chipset architecture and not cross-architecture instruction set emulation. Also consider that Microsoft doesn’t currently sell an ARM version of Windows to anyone other than hardware OEMs and doesn’t support it on Apple Silicon chipsets. 
    Rosetta 2 doesn’t solve the problems that would allow Fusion to run under Apple Silicon. It was designed for a simpler problem : user mode Intel applications. It does not have the full Intel architecture instruction set and architecture emulation that would allow an x86 operating system to run in emulation. The tricks used by Rosetta to get acceptable performance likely would not be applicable to emulating an x86 operating system due to the highly dynamic nature of code execution. 
  • Developers claim that Apple's privacy-first features are 'atomic bomb' for revenue

    If the information gathered through “spying” on customers is more valuable to a company than its actual product, then no wonder we have this “boo hoo Apple is hurting my business”. Offering me products you think I might want by spying on me or “free stuff” is not payment enough for the millions you are making on MY information. 
  • Majority of tech staffers say Big Tech wields too much power in new survey

    Are employees of "big tech" suddenly gaining a conscience?

    Unfortunately unless management feels the same way as their employees, or consumers stop doing business with them, "too much power" ( a very nebulous term, by the way) won't get fixed.  That's unfortunately because people like free or cheap stuff. Until we all as a society realize what the real cost of how these services are being delivered by these companies is and decide that it's not what we want,  companies like those aforementioned will continue to thrive.

    Maybe if "government" had not allowed some of these big tech mergers to occur, they wouldn't have to go back and fix the problems they've caused. I think it's way overdue for the GDPR like legislation here in the USA (and take it a step further in that all sharing of PII must be opt out by default).

    Hmmm.. "which of these 'Big Tech' companies is not like the others" = Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon. 


  • Parallels working to bring Windows 11 to Mac

    Has Microsoft said for sure that they will support Windows 11 ARM on Apple Silicon and that they will sell a license for it to end users? Developer Previews are beta software and don’t they disappear after the product gets released? 
    VMware has stated they won’t prioitize Windows on ARM for Fusion until Microsoft answers the licensing questions as they do not want to run afoul of EULAs. 
  • South Korean legislation could force external payment options onto App Store

    Does anyone really think that Epic et al will reduce their prices if alternative payment options are mandated?